Luang prabang. 30th Nov 2016

Wandering around the shops and market stalls last night we noticed lots of Decorative items in what looked like Ivory.

Knowing this to be illegal in most countries we assumed this was some thing else but it appears it may not be.

So please be aware that Ivory from Poached elephants may be on sale and you may unwittingly be supporting this evil trade by buying a Holiday Souvenir.

Just be mindful.


One thought on “Luang prabang. 30th Nov 2016

  1. Yes, its horrendous to kill beautiful, even non-threatening animals, whether by poachers or game hunters–merely for horns and tusks–or a head to mount on a wall is horrendous.

    Ironically, it might be best if the national laws were like those in some so-called more civilized ones, regarding prostitution. I believe that in Sweden, they arrest the “Johns”, and the girls perhaps, just pay a small fine, if anything. With ivory, wiping-out the demand would allow it to live in-tact, in the jungle.

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