Luang Prabang. 29th Nov 2016

As we’ve just and arrived were doing our basic homework.

We’re at the Hotel, we’ve now got a map (at least a tourist Map) and its reasonably obvious that we are a little way out from the centre so were gonna rent push bikes straight away. However finding a decent bike rental shop isn’t easy.

The only one I’ve found so far is Sabaidee Luang

Whilst we were looking I came across some information on scams perpetrated on tourists here so thought it might be useful to Share.

The hotel is called Muangthong  Hotel and although it hd mixed reviews on we were running out of options as we’d left it late to book.

Now were here it seems Ok. Its a bit traditional, lots of teak everywhere and some of the reviews were right. The patio doors don’t close properly so the mozzies can get in. The curtains wouldn’t shield you from a candle let alone the morning sun but its cute, there’s a nice pool, the restaurant seem’s to be Ok (though we haven’t eaten yet) and staff are trying to be helpful though English is still a bit sparse.

Were gonna find a local shop and get some Mozzie burners, some spray and a carton of Milk then I think we’ll be fine.


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