Travel to Thailand

Just came across this and thought it might be useful for anyone thinking about a trip to Thailand.

I have no idea whether this is a good or bad site and Im not promoting it however, it looked like some where I would use next time Im going that way. So, check it out and make your own decision.

If you do use them, let me know about your experiences.

There has been some great coverage of Thailand on BBC2 with a programme called Thailand: Earths Tropical paradise.

It made me realise we havent even scratched the surface and I am desperate to go back.

Jack Whitehall did one of his ‘Travels with My Father’ Series around South East Asia back in 2017 where they followed the Gap Year route, which is in effect what Jaki and I did first time around.

Episode one sees them experiencing the Khao San Rd one of the highlights of a night out in Bangkok. Sat having a foot massage whilst drinking beer at 2 in the morning whilst the madness of the Khao San goes on around you is special.

If I win the lottery I will take all the family to Bangkok (highly under rated as a venue in its own right) and put them up at the Chatrium Riverside in one of the rooms with a view of the River. Led in bed watching the lights of river traffic going up and down is an all time favourite past time for me.

Another hidden Gem is Lumpini Park right in the middle of Bangkok.

It’s not the nicest park in the world, (though it is a great break from the Madness that can be Bangkok). It’s not got great trees or water features, but what it does have is huge Monitor lizards the size of a horse that wander around amongst the tourists without a care in the world.

But these are Bad boys. Their saliva is poisonous and they have a hell of a bite, so be wary.

Another secret location that is an absolute joy is the Snake Farm in Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute which isn’t too far away from Lumpini park though our taxi driver couldn’t find it and we ended up walking from the park entrance.

It’s in the Hospital and they keep all these deadly snakes and milk them for venom. Tourist can watch this being done.

There are lots of snakes on view but the best thing is the handling display where these guys handle venomous snakes only feet away from you

It is a bit Heath Robinson and I’m sure they take comfort from knowing all the anti venom is stored just a few feet away, but it is exciting.

So next time you’re in Bangkok waiting for a flight to one of the Islands, check out Bangkok itself.

Take a ride on a Long Tail boat around the waterways and canals of Bangkok or just ride the water Taxis. It’s a great way to spend a day.

Take care.

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