Were still traveling. 4th April 2017

Hi All,


Just a reminder to those of you who follow our antics that we are currently traveling through France into Spain.

I am Blogging on billandjakigocaravaning.wordpress.com so if you want to keep up to date, please follow.

Good luck.


Bill H




2 thoughts on “Were still traveling. 4th April 2017

  1. Two question: 1. Are you leaving France to escape the rowdy turmoil that might odder, post-Election; and, are you going to Spain, or to Catalonia?

    You Brits sure have the Continentals all riled up! Ha, enjoy your trip!

    1. Hi Cheekos

      France has been very quiet so far, but who knows.

      Were definitely going to Spain but quite where is still to be decided.

      We want to end up in Northern Spain but I suspect we will take a pretty convoluted route to get there.

      True to say we English aren’t very popular at the moment.

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