Planning the next trip. 12/02/17

We’ve been back for a few months now, had the excitement of Christmas (well a bit of a ‘Damp Squib’ really as I went down with ‘Man Flu’ just before Christmas and didn’t get over it until New Year) and we’ve got the worst of the dark winter night’s behind us.

Now were looking toward Spring.

Already it’s getting lighter at night, it’s not dark till after five o’clock.

The Spring Bulbs I planted before we went away should be showing now but it loos like the wet clay that dominates our Garden has rotted a lot of them and they just havent grown.

The Snowdrops are up and in flower so not all is lost.

So, its time to be thinking about this year and where we go.

The plan was to drive down to Spain and rent an apartment some where, there are plenty from as little as 250 Euros a month.

The down side with this is, we will have to stay in one place, slightly different to the flexibility we had when we toured in the camper van. In the camper we rocked up, stayed for a few days and when we got bored, packed up and moved on some where else.

Were gonna take the Old Honda which drive’s well for a 16 year old car, has lots of space to carry our kit but guzzles petrol like its going out of fashion. Just in case it break’s down we’ve taken out European breakdown insurance with Driver Guardian who offer 120 days cover (as opposed to Green Flag who offered 90). However, next year the car will be too old to get any cover (at least  at a price I could afford) so we’ll need a new car if were gonna do it again.

So, it will be an interesting exercise to see if we like being in one place for a long period.

There will be advantages.

We can engage with local activities, join clubs, learn the language and hopefully make some friends. But will it be enough to compensate for the lack of mobility? Time will tell.

We plan to set off in April and drive down through France. If the weather is nice (it should improve in April) well stop, if it’s horrible, we’ll crash on down south. only stopping when the sun comes out. Probably ending up in Mojacar, Almeria.

We’ll stay in Spain till early summer and then see if we can get some where to stay in France for the remainder of the Summer.

We might have to come back to the UK at some point if only to comply with insurance restrictions, get the car MOT’d etc but the plan is to get back to France and stay until the schools break up and the crowds arrive.

We have also been thinking about the Autumn and how were gonna escape the Winter weather. Currently were looking at Goa and then on to Sri Lanka where one of our friends is doing voluntary work and loving it.

So where will this lead?

Only time will tell.



2 thoughts on “Planning the next trip. 12/02/17

  1. Glad to hear that you are not planning another trip back to Southeast Asia. From what I have been reading, they have yet to recover from your last holiday there. But, keep on trekking’!

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