Christmas 2016

Since Ive been home my arthritis has been murder and now Ive gone down with a stinking Cold.

However, I just have enough energy left to wish you all a Magical Christmas and to thank you for following our antics during our travels, and listening to me moaning.

Lets do it again soon?



2 thoughts on “Christmas 2016

  1. Greetings from South Florida. Now, I won’t kid our friend from Montreal about the snow. We Yanks will soon have our own Snow Job to put up with, the one wing orange-topped one. Hey, do you want to trade?

  2. Hi Cheekos,

    That’s a thought!

    We are looking at the USA/Canada for our next big trip so we will need to get a handle on the weather situation. It would be nice to see some snow (my last snow was Poland about 10 years ago and before that Breckenridge in Colorado. That was great snow). Too much and it will disrupt our trip, none and it wont be as magical. Then theres the issue of our route. I would love to revisit Florida, Sanibel is an old favourite but i’d like to see more of the Everglades.
    Guess we need to do some serious planning.

    Happy new year anyway.

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