Back to Bangkok. 4th Dec 2016

We flew back to Don Muang Airport, Bangkok on the 4th December with Asia Air.

It was a fairly painless flight (though rather expensive) but it wasn’t any where near as much fun as the flight into Luang Prabang.

The plane that took us from Vientiane to luang Prabang was a very small thing with two propellers. In side I could just stand up as long as the over head lockers weren’t open.

Sat in front of us were an Asian couple. She was dressed in all her finery and he sported a Bush hat as worn by Crocodile Dundee.

He got himself in trouble initially when he stood up and tried to walk down the plane during take off, the steward had to make a frantic dash and force him back into his seat.

When we landed he was desperate to get off the plane and immediately stood up to retrieve his hand luggage from the locker.
His wife, who had a very elaborate hair style that must have relied on wallpaper paste to keep it up, stood up loyally with him.

Once he’d grabbed his bag he slammed the locker door and they tried be first off the plane.
Sadly, he had closed the locker on a lock of her hair so when they set off at pace a great clump of hair was left dangling from the locker like the after math of the little bighorn.

She must have been so embarrassed they just kept going, pushing people out of their way in their haste to get off.

The elderly gentleman who carried 50 French sticks and a bottle of beer as hand luggage must have polished off the beer en route as he and his wife left with just the bread.

When he got off the plane, he sauntered casually across to the edge off the tarmac and proceeded to ‘Pee’ into the shrubbery. Further evidence that he had drunk the Beer?

So at Don Muang we had to complete yet another immigration form and we had by this time lost all the pens we started the trip with.

After scouring the counter’s we found a pen abandoned by some other traveller and I completed the forms filling in all the tedious information required as Jaki couldn’t find her glasses.

At the Immigration desk there was a very long queue (there were about 8 desks available and all had huge queues).
People had rushed to get to the front of the queue without filling the form in correctly which was causing the delay.

This incompetence ‘really annoyed me’ and I was Vociferous in my Criticism (a comment an Old Station Officer once made of me) cursing and cussing their stupidity right up until we were called to the desk.

It was at this point that we realised I had completed the departure information on the back of the form, not the arrivals information on the front of the form. So we had to fill in the back section, thus delaying all the passengers behind me. Oh how they laughed.

Well anyone can make a mistake right?

Once through our bags were the only ones left on the carousel and we couldn’t remember where we got the taxi last time we were here?

There is a big sign saying Taxi right at the foot of the stairs’ from Immigration but this (we think) is the Posh Taxi service with higher prices.

If you make a left at the foot of the stairs and go all the way to the end of the terminal to exit gate 8.

Here you will find a desk that does the metered Taxi’s.

You simply get in the queue, when it’s your turn, tell the guy where you want to go. He will issue you with a piece of paper and a driver and the driver will take you to his car.

The journey is on a meter so you pay what ever the meter says at the end of the journey. Our trip to the Chatrium Riverside was 252 baht.

But be aware, there are two toll roads on route and you are required to give the driver the toll money in order for him to pay. Our trip required a payment of 70 Baht at the first booth and 50 Baht at the second.

There was absolutely no traffic on the road so we made good time (about 35 minutes) and there was football on the car radio too.

Admittedly it was Thailand versus Myanmar and the commentary was in Thai but we had a great bit of Football Banter with the driver even though he spoke no English.

That is the difference for me.

Here in Thailand the people are far more open and friendly and you can have a bit of fun with them, some thing I missed on our travels.

So, were back at the Chatrium Riverside.

We had a lazy day around the pool yesterday before setting out on the river taxis to the Koh San Road where we had a pretty awful Cocktail and an equally awful meal ( Koh San is famous for being a back packer haunt so cheap and cheerful is the name of the game) before getting a fantastic Foot Massage for 150 Baht.

Then an equally fantastic Tuk-Tuk ride home (300 Baht).

It was great to lie in a comfortable bed, with working air conditioning and wifi and to think we have three more days of this.


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