An alternative Blog. 19th Nov 2016.

Writing my Blog has always been for my own benefit and no one else’s.

The fact that I chose to share my thoughts and feeling with people has drawn some criticism and a certain amount of inappropriate censorship worthy of the most dictatorial regimes.

As a result, I’m considering whether to continue and if so how best to proceed.

The first option and probably the most sensible, though it clearly cedes defeat, is to no longer share  my ramblings, instead I could write a diary that is only available to me and therefore wont offend or upset anyone.

This seems to be cowardly I know.

Taking the easy option is not some thing the Hendy’s are known for but there is a time in life when revolution takes second place to contentment.

That doesn’t mean I wont think the same thoughts, wont suffer the same anxieties and conflicts when faced with the obscure behaviour of fellow human beings. It just means i’ll have to keep them inside my head where they cant do any damage, well not to anyone else.

It seems the crime is to write them down, not have them in the first instance?

I know many writers through out history have received criticism before acclaim.

Even the late great Ernie Wise was forced to concede.  ”Iv’e took some stick for what I wrote”.

So there is a president.

The anguished artist struggling to get his/her message across. To share views and thoughts with other people. To reach out and try to find like soul’s who are troubled too by the world they face.

I feel like Im letting down a generation of geriatrics who rely on me to express the frustrations and confusion they see in the world around them, which is even more pronounced when your of a certain age and traveling in a strange country.

However, it may be that I need to at least try a new approach and see if it gives me any satisfaction.

I envisage some thing like this;

I woke up this morning full of the joys of spring and couldn’t wait to get up and start the day.

Its a glorious feeling when your bowels are regular. I go every morning at 0600 and I don’t let it worry me that I don’t get up till 0800.

Once showered, (I love a cold shower, this is my 19th consecutive cold shower and I’m really getting used to it now) that is a distant memory and I’m soon  looking forward to my breakfast.

I particularly like the cold congealed fried egg’s though the ones with the broken Yolk are usually snapped up by that nice German Bloke who shoved me out of the way (in a friendly pre Brexit way) again this morning.

The Luke warm tea is a delicacy which took me some time to appreciate but now i do, Ill try and replicate it  when I get home. It’ll save me loads on electricity.

Im trying not to scratch the Bite on my ankle, though itching is one of Gods gifts.

It was such a beautifully coloured Hornet that I refused to swat him, though it took a lot of will power to let him fill my leg with venom (oh how I wonder at the natural world) and when the swelling goes down I shall miss the multi coloured hue of my ankle, like a golfers sock, pink and blue.

I think my self lucky its just a small bite, nothing like the Jelly Fish sting on my arm which caused such hilarity when I was pulled from the water by that nice life guard.

Gosh what a great life, I’m so lucky to be here enjoying paradise.

Yep, that might work.


7 thoughts on “An alternative Blog. 19th Nov 2016.

  1. Handbill (Jaki and Bill), never give up your blog; that is, unless you wish to! In my instance, my daughter suggested that I start one, four and a half years ago, when I retired, she knew that I had never played golf, haven’t played tennis in forty years, she and my wife probably just wanted to deter my ing senility.

    Your blog should, first and foremost be for your own enjoyment. A chance for you to voice your opinion, focus on the out-of-the-way details that reporters–catering to the mass marketplace–overlook, or expand upon what happened at a specific event, or on a certain date.

    Your observations of traveling through Asia, much of which is quite remote from the world that many of your readers know, are quite refreshing. I can remember driving through rural (then South) Vietnam in the late 1960s, and even in my early 20s, I realized that those peasants, in the truest, most honorable sense of the word, probably knew nothing of Saigon, or even nearby Nha Trang. No hustle and bustle, just tend their rice paddies, use water buffalo as beasts of burden, and barter at the local markets. No TV, tubes, fast food, highway traffic!

    You have brought some of those thoughts back to me; but, more importantly, you have hopefully made some readers aware of what worries us in the so-called modern world, away from the tribal society, doesn’t make us better–just different, from the world around us.

    Keep-up the blogging!

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