Nha Trang. 4-8th Nov 2016

Nah Trang Beach Resort.

Some times you get to a place and it becomes special straight away, other times places can grow on you. Hanoi was like that. It felt very alien at first and yet I missed it when we left.

Other places can have a Magical attraction, like love at first sight. No rhyme or reason, it just happens.

There are a few places that have done it for me.

The Florida keys was one. I Shed a tear when I had to leave.

Sanibel Island is another place I love, such happy memories. I first went there when i was married. Anna, Bo (Robin) and I went there by chance and had a fabulous time.

Since then Jaki, Georgia and I have had several great holidays there.

Breckenridge in Colorado is probably one of the pretties places I’ve ever been and Bangkok is still one of my Favourites.

But i don’t think Nha Trang Beach will ever get into my top ten.

Admittedly, we haven’t seen it at its best.

When we arrived it was late, it was raining and we were tired and hungry but none of the restaurant’s were open so we went to bed with a bag of Nacho chips and a Growling stomach.

The apartment was a let down too.

Instead of being a great place to relax whilst the storm blew over it became a source of frustration. I’ll do a full run down on that once we’ve left cause I’m due a rant and this will be a good one.

Whilst its not anyone’s fault that the weather was bad, it did have a major impact on the beach, which after all is ’The Attraction’ here.

The storm left the beach covered in debris. Litter everywhere.

Its at times like this that you realise just how much muck is floating around our Oceans, and thats just the stuff we can see.

Plastic, old clothes, flip flop’s, paper all litter the beach.

Every tide washes up more filth in a necklace of shame along the high tide mark.

In some respects this is down to the Vietnamese, they don’t seem to treasure the environment like they should and seem to think its OK to drop litter anywhere.

The girl on the beach who sells bottles of beer, took the top off the bottle and let it drop on the sand.

A girl came out of a Massage parlour last night and threw a large selection of rubbish on the pavement.

Customers in Restaurants drop bones and skin on the floor rather than put it on a plate or in a bin, It must just be a cultural thing.

It’s no surprise the sea is full of rubbish when the very people that depend on it treat it with such disrespect.


However, most of the debris on the beach is wood and foliage. There are some pretty big trees scattered along the beach which a team of cleaners have struggled to remove. Yesterday we watched as they cut up the big ones with a chain saw ( No protection, no goggles) and then hauled it away using a Hoist on the back of a truck which pulled the big bits up the beach.



One particular specimen required an army of workers, two Tractors and a whole afternoon of digging, but they still couldn’t move it. By the time it was getting dark, they decided to leave it and all went off in the back of the lorry where the tree should have been.

Nah Trang is a bit like Blackpool or Weston Super Mare.

It has high rise apartment all along the sea front which cast strange square shadows onto the sea at about 4 o’clock as the sun sets behind them.

It seems to cater for the mass Russian Tourist trade, though the locals aren’t particularly happy about this and share their frustrations with us at any occasion. 

I understand from unsolicited conversations that the locals feel Russian ’s don’t spend money locally, drink too much and are aggressive. They prefer English (for once) and Americans who they say are much better guests.

Strange how old enmity is quickly forgotten and replaced with optimism and friendship, if only we will allow it.

There are lots of bars and restaurants with their signage and their menu’s in Russian as well as Vietnamese which added to our feeling of alienation in this the friendliest of countries.

So, its with relief that we leave this morning.

Ive not particularly enjoyed Nha Trang.

We had a lovely day on the beach yesterday. Fresh Mango, BBQ’d Lobster and good fun with the beach traders. Later after dark, we strolled down the beach, had a drink and then made our way to The Louisiana Brewhouse where we decided to eat.

It looked great. tables laid out around the pool and across the terraces, with the sound of the surf in the back ground. Sadly looks can be deceptive and the food was awful. Over priced and badly cooked. The service was poor too. None of the staff could be bothered to engage, they didn’t even make eye contact when we paid, preferring to carry on a conversation with their colleagues.

This just about summed up Nha Trang.

A bit Blowsy. All ‘Teeth and Tits’ but no substance.

Pity because it could be so different.

On a practical note.

The Airport is a long drive and the Taxi cost us 570,000 VND so be prepared.


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