Nah Trang Apartments. 4th-8th Nov 2016

Nah Trang Apartments

We started to realise this wasn’t going to be the executive accommodation we’d expected when we walked into the Lobby.

The Taxi had pulled into a rather swanked Hotel only to be told the apartments are “Round the back mate”!

The lobby housed a row of plastic chairs on which sat maybe 10-15 people all apparently waiting for the lift.

There were three lifts servicing the 45 floors of the apartment building (though 20 odd weren’t available from the lift) so I assume these are the Hotel floors, accessed from a different set of lifts.

When the first lift arrived everyone who was seated surged toward the lift door and rammed themselves, their Kids, one dog and a selection of bags into the enclosed space like those acrobats that can squeeze themselves into the cardboard tube inside a toilet role.

Jaki and I with typical britishness, stood back and waited for the next lift. However, we soon realised the crowd would build up again before the next lift was available and we would be in the same position.

So we shoved.

Our instructions were to ‘Go to the reception in Suite the 31st Floor to get our keys’.

When we got off at the 31st Floor there was no welcome desk , in fact there was nothing to tell us where to go. There was though a horrible smell of cooking. After a cursory search we found room 3102 which has several pairs of flip flops in front of it. It didn’t look like the management office of a rental management company.

We knocked and a lady who didn’t speak very good English answered, gave us some keys, took our passports and told us to go to room on the 34th Floor (the actual room number escapes me) and off we went.

We must have had a premonition as we asked if we could see the room before I paid for it, so we followed the Lady to our new apartment

Stepping out onto floor 34 the smell was much worse and the echo of our footsteps (or foot prints as an old sub officer of mine use to say) sounded very loudly as we searched for our room. The stark empty spaces that were the communal areas were unpleasant and slightly unwelcoming.

Not a vase of flowers or a picture on the wall. Very Inner city high rise.

When we first entered the room it looked reasonable but it smelt sickly sweet, like some one had just emptied a can of air freshener. it was similar to the pictures we’d seen on the web site and as we were so tired we didn’t really do a full inspection which we should have done. So I went back to the office and paid for the 4 nights.

When I returned to the room Jaki wasn’t happy. In my absence she’d had chance to look around and found the room was in an awful state.

The bathroom was dirty, the kitchen was filthy and the whole place was a mess.

The more we looked the worse it got.

We made a list of the issues and started taking photographs.

Dirty Cutler


One frying pan, no utensils.


No plates

4 small bowls

No washing up cloth.
No scouring cloth.
No kitchen roll

Two plastic beakers


No toaster.

Iron but no ironing board

The Serviced (executive) apartments were not equipped for Western tourists. They had none of the basic essentials we would expect. No toaster, a lack of Cups and saucers Knives and Forks, spoons and no means of cleaning anything. They seemed to cater for mainly Asian guests as there were an awful lot of Bowls and chop sticks but little else.

However, the main criticism was the cleanliness (or lack of it) of the room, it clearly hadn’t been cleaned properly.


There was Graffiti on the dividing wall


The shower screen was mouldy and dirty


The ceiling in the bath room was dirty


The cistern was unpleasant.


There was a dirty Mop that leaked blue liquid on the floor



The shower tap was hanging off the wall.


The bath Mat and the floor were dirty


Shelves were stained and covered in dust.


There were cobwebs on some surfaces.


Drawer’s w’ere dirty and there was old rice and dust in them.


Cupboards were dirty


The kitchen was so dirty we refused to use it . Even the Microwave was dirty inside and out.


The fridge door was stained


Perhaps worst, there was a Bogey on the front door.

As a result I went back down to the management office to complain but even though the shoes were still outside the door, no one responded and we were forced to spend the night there.

The next morning we resolved to leave if they didn’t move us to a better apartment.

We spent an uncomfortable period in the office with several of the staff showing them the pictures and explaining that unless we were moved we would leave.
We were eventually moved to room 4430 which was marginally better.

Well, at least it had a dish cloth, though it was dirty.


It still didn’t have the facilities we required but after a further complaint they brought up the safe (as advertised) two knives a plate and a bowl.

They did nothing about the broken Bed.


So we went out and searched for a shop that had cleaning materials and then spent a few hours of our holiday cleaning and sterilising the kitchen, the cutlery, the Microwave and the cupboards.


After the chores were completed the place was at least habitable enough that we could make some Tea and heat up food without fear of catching something horrible.

At no time were we given instructions on how to find the Pool or Gym, how to use the washing machine or TV and we never got our welcome drink.

These two apartments aren’t executive apartments by any stretch of the imagination and should not be advertised as such.

exposed wiring.

The lack of cleaning and basic maintenance is deplorable and I am surprised are still promoting them on their site.They even failed to turn up on time when we were due to check out (before 6 am0 and I had to go find someone to give me back my passport. (I wasn’t happy handing it over in the first instance).

The management company are completely incompetent and seem to have no understanding of how to manage and maintain a property in a reasonable condition.

These properties do not contain the basics expected by Western tourists.

I suggest if you want to visit Nha Trang you don’t bother with the Nha Trang apartments as they aren’t in my opinion fit for purpose.




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