Vietnam Scams.

I dont want to frighten anyone away from visiting Vietnam  but if you are prepared then you are less likely to fall for a trick and as a result you wont have your trip ruined.

Ive already written a blog on our exploits at Hanoi Airport but we are now looking at Ho Chi Min and were planning in advance to avoid mishap.

We first tried booking the Airport Shuttle service Offered by our Hotel but they want $25USD and that seems very expensive seeing as the regular Taxi service is about $6-8 USD from the airport to district 1.

So were probably going to use a regular Taxi and hope it works out but if you follow the link you will see some of the SCAMS that are pulled and maybe this will keep you safe.

Legit Taxis are:-

Mai Linh Taxi: This is one of the most popular taxi brands in all over Vietnam with cab in many tourism destinations. There services are safe and flexible with diverse taxi products such as Gia Dinh Taxi (Tel:, Mai Linh Limousine (Tel: or Saigon Taxi (Tel: Taxi Mai Linh often has the cover of two main colors: white and green.

Vinasun Taxi (Tel: a big taxi corporation in Ho Chi Minh City with more than 3,500 cabs and high-quality services. The company’s cabs can be recognized by the typical cover with the main white color, in addition with one red strip and green strip below.

Hanoi Taxi (Tel: One of the pioneers in taxi services from 1993. The cab of Hanoi taxi is painted with purely white color.


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