Its been raining constantly for about three or four days now and were really just hunkering down to sit it out.

We’ve booked into a Hotel called EMM in Hoi An which has a pool, free bikes and is supposed to be a 10 minute walk from the Old Town. I suspect it’s slightly further than that to get right into the centre of the Old Town as we are quite a way to the North on the Ly Thuorng Kiet Rd, but its do-able.


At least here we have a really comfortable room. It is probably one of the nicest Hotel room’s we’ve had to date. Maybe not the most exotic or fancy but lots of space, couple of chairs, a desk, lovely bed, good bathroom a kettle and, the best of all.

Two Mugs to make tea in.

Our Room

So by day we can find plenty to do, swim, relax and watch TV, read and at night we can go into town where there are bar’s and restaurants a plenty. Last night a groups of about 12 people our age who are on an organised trip, were in the bar, drunk as skunks. Ended up in the pool fully clothed. They were having a great time, though I doubt it will be so good this morning when they have to get up at eight for their cycle adventure.

Jaki and I took a little walk around the local neighbourhood last night to see what is available and there are plenty of shops though the restaurants are very ‘Working Class Vietnamese”.  One we visited had gangs’ of men (Only) sat around drinking (there were remains of food so they had eaten) and they were clearly pissed.

On one table a row was taking place, the arm’s and facial features of the two combatants were extremely animated.

At another table, a chap fell off his chair and knocked all the drinks an stuff off the table smashing glasses and bottles in the process.

And that was a Tuesday.

There was a restaurant about two doors away without a single customer, just the owner sat watching a Bollywood movie.

We ordered some food there but gave it a mixed review.

I had ‘Stir Fried Chicken in Ginger ‘ that was fantastic plus, Deep fried Tofu, which was Ok.

Jaki had’ Stir fried rice with Chicken and vegetables’ which was awful.

It had never been near a Wok let alone deep fried.

It looked like it had all been steamed.

The rice was exactly the same as mine. There were large pieces of Cauliflower and Green Beans that were the concrete side of Al Dente and worst of all, it had absolutely no flavour what so ever.

The lady seemed very upset when we left and Jaki had only eaten the pieces of chicken.

So, with all this time on my hands i got to thinking.

What do I miss about home and as a result, what am I looking forward to doing.

Not that im ready to go home but some times you need to get away in order to enjoy what you usually take for granted.

So here’s my list.

1.  Georgia, I miss her loads and cant wait to get home where she can moan at me.

2. Sunday Lunch at Cary and Rachel’s. Always good food and good company.

3. Drinks at the Rising Sun with my mate Steve. I miss his wit and the Cider.

4  My Sister Maria. Im looking forward to Brunch and a catch up.

5 A Fat boy’s Breakfast with my Breakfast Chums. Kevin, Pete and Dave.

6 My Garden. Ive got loads of great Ideas for improvements.

7 My own bedroom where I can get a quiet nights sleep.

8 Bristol City FC. I want to get down the Gate.

So there you have it.

Not quite a top ten but it’s a start and you know when Im home I can make a list of all the things I miss about Traveling.

It don’t get much better than that!






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