Weather wise it’s such a lovely day.


The weather since we’ve been away has been pretty bad and we’ve had to dodge the effects of at least two Typhoons.

When you’re traveling, going on tours or looking at ruins you can manage reasonably well, but when you’re trying to fit in some beach time, it can be a pain in the arse.

Yesterday was planned as our first beach day but it rained virtually all day. We did go sit on the beach under an umbrella but it got cold and the wind drove the rain under the cover soaking us with spray.

Last night we walked down the road to a Korean BBQ restaurant that had a great menu and there was a real Buzz there.

They put a pot with BBQ Coal in the middle of your table and you cook your chosen meat.

There was some discussion with the server about our choice and eventually we had 5 people crowding round us all trying to work out what we were saying. Thank god for GOOGLE Translate which solved it in a Jiffy.

We had Kangaroo steaks and  Ostrich steaks, a rather good egg salad and some of the best Chips I’ve tasted in months. One of the Girls decided she was gonna cook it for us to make sure we got it right. everything was going well, few beers, good food, bit of company then WHAM.

The storm suddenly increased in intensity, the noise became deafening and the wind started to really let rip. The sides of the restaurant which are usually open to the street were now protected by thick plastic drapes with heavy stainless steel  rollers along the bottom .

The wind lifted two off these and ripped them off their fixings allowing the rain to pour into the restaurant soaking customers and their food. It caused chaos and most customers packed up and left. At least those with a car did, the rest of us were held hostage.

Back at our hotel we settled down for a night in front of the telly, or at least the laptop whilst the storm continued it assault. It has rained with Thunder and lightning all night and this morning though its currently dry, it looks like more rain is on its way.

So were looking for a bolt hole.

Usually you could fly to Bali or Singapore but they are getting it too.

The nearest place that isn’t being savaged by this storm is Australia in the South and Myanmar in the North.

So, watch this space to see where we end up.




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