Hoi An. 30th October.

For now I’ll let the Pictures do the talking.

Beware .

If someone approaches you and starts a conversation, it will end in them trying to sell you something or take you some where.

There are hawkers selling plastic wind up Birds, Post cards, Hammocks and all sorts of souvenirs. If you sit in a Cafe where you can watch the street life they will target you, some more persistently than others. Be firm but polite and they will go away.

As you walk along you will hear. “Hello Madam, want to buy something”? From every single seller. It can get tedious.

You have to pay to cross the Japanese covered Bridge.

The streets are pedestrianised first thing but open to vehicles later.

At about 1500hrs the coaches drop off Chinese and South Korean Tourists. It gets busy and the sellers really step up a gear.

There is some great Coffee to be had. We used the Hoi An Roastery which was great. Try the Iced Vietnamese Coffee with Coconut Milk. Hmm

Great Bars and restaurants. Well worth a visit and they say its better at night when the lanterns are lit.




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