A Day on Danang Beach. 31st October 2016

Today, at last we get to go to the beach. Yahooo.

Pity it was pouring with rain when we woke up.

I Mean, really pouring.

So we lay in bed until about 10 am  when we decided to make some tea.

We brought Tea Bags with us from home but they ran out a while ago so we restocked at a Super market in Bangkok that had a supply of PG tips.

The Hotel has a Mini bar, a selection of goodies plus a Kettle, two cups and saucer’s, some sachet’s of coffee but they don’t stock milk. People here rarely drink English Builders Tea preferring green teas and coffee.

I wandered down stair’s to see if I could source a small jug of Milk from the kitchen and the ladies in reception ( they are like twins, one starts a sentence and the other finishes it) offered to cook us breakfast even though breakfast ended an hour or so ago.

Which is how we ended up sat listened to the rain whilst tucking into the Vietnamese version of a Fat Boys Breakfast. It was LUSH.

It was Gurt LUSH.

The rest of the morning was spent doing our chores.

We needed to book accommodation from tomorrow and Jaki wants to stay in Hoi An so we found what looks to be a very nice place not too far from the centre, that definitely has a pool and a Gym plus a reasonable restaurant. So we’ve booked that for three nights. EMM Hotel Hoi An.

Then we have to get from Danang to Nha Trang which is another good train journey away.

Given our experience of the sleeper (trades descriptions should look at when a sleeper is not a sleeper) we decided to take a different tack.

The SE1 (name of the particular service /time table were hoping to catch) leaves Danang at 1145 am so we wont actually need a sleeper.

What were trying to book is two x second class ‘soft seat’s’ (they don’t do first class) which recline and they are in pairs, like bus seats. Then we can try to relax and get some sleep but we will also be able to see the country side as we will be traveling mainly in day light.

However when we went on 12 go Asia web site they told us there were only 4 seats left and this might mean we will be in different seats across the carriage, something we want to avoid, if possible.

To try and resolve this I e-mailed them but their solution was for me to book (and pre-pay)  for the seats, then send them a note requesting two seats together. You can see where this is headed. I pay in advance, then they tell me they cant get two seats together ,then I cant get my money back?

So, by Lunch time when the weather had improved sufficiently for us to risk heading for the Beach we asked at reception if they could help and they kindly offered to get us the tickets and would make sure they were together and for the same price as 12 Go Asia.

However, we would have to pay ‘Up Front” the 830 Dong required.

We just about had that left after last night (when we went out with a couple we met on the trip, for drinks and then a meal at a very nice but rather expensive restaurant in Down Town Danang).

So we handed over our last Dong which meant, instead of heading for the beach, we were now heading for an ATM.

Reception ladies told us to go down to the roundabout (maybe 200 Metres) and then turn right. The ATM was there.

We should have realised there is always some flexibility in these types of conversations and the translation from one language to another always looses something.

Last night for example we were told to go to My Casa Restaurant  which was just around the corner, but despite the best efforts of all four of us and an impromptu visit to another Hotel, it proved impossible to find this Gem of a venue based on the instructions we were given.

No surprise then that the ATM was about 2 Kilometres walk into town.

It was a bus ride, even a Taxi ride, maybe we should have hired bikes, but we should definitely not have tried walking in the now searing heat.

Eventually we found the ATM, sourced some Loot and made our way back to the beach. At long last.

It was 1445 pm.

We had been told to find Temple Bar on the beach as it had a good bar, a restaurant where we could sit if the weather got wet and we could hire towels and sun beds.

When we found it, it was indeed an impressive complex with all the facilities previously mentioned, except there wasn’t a soul there. Jaki and I ordered a Smoothie (which had lots of strands of Fibre in it, like bits of Coir rope) and asked about using the swimming pool?

We could use it but it was 80,000 Dong each. That would explain why no one was using it as the sea which was about 20 yards away was completely free.

The price of a sun bed here was far more expensive at 70,000 Dong rather than 40,000 everywhere else. So we went next door, rented two sun beds under a huge thatched umbrella and settled down for some R&R.

We could just make out the female Buddha in the distance but some pretty ominous black clouds quickly made her disappear and before long it started to rain.

Our umbrella kept most of the rain off but a breeze off the sea drove spray horizontally and pretty soon we were getting wet.

Stoically we tried to tough it out but it was getting cold as well as wet and the sensible solution was to head back to the Hotel and the comfort of our room.

When we got back the reception ladies advised us (in two part harmonies) that they were very sorry but they forgot to ask for Jaki’s passport so were unable to get the train tickets.

They promised they would have them before lunchtime tomorrow.

Back in the room,warm and dry we can do nothing but sit out the weather which seems to be affecting almost all of Asia, certainly Vietnam and Thailand and hope that things improve.

If not, we will probably enter the Guinness book of records as the only couple to go on holiday for 10 weeks and not spend a single day sat on a beach.




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