Exploring Bangkok day 2. 21st October 2016


As I had been accused of ‘Spoiling the Holiday’ yesterday because I ‘didn’t want to do anything’ (three weeks of traveling, three different Countries I guess that could be considered a bit dull) I set the alarm for 0830, got up, made Tea and as much noise as I could which had us ready to go out the door well before mid-day which is becoming early for us.

At home I wake at 0400 for my first Pee. Usually I go back to bed and switch on the BBC world service, listen to that for a while, take my second pee, read a few pages and then go back to sleep about 0600. Here, I go to bed and don’t wake up till 1000.

luckily the bladder seems to be holding up well under this new challenge.

We made our way to the Skytrain and caught it to the National Stadium where we got off and made the short walk to Jim Thompsons House. I’d had it on good authority that this was a ‘Must Do attraction’ so I was raring to go.

Plant Tubs

Apparently Jim was famous for being a Silk Trader and a Spy who mysteriously disappeared without trace in 1967.

The house is interesting in its architecture and the garden are beautiful with it’s fish pond’s and landscaping, it’s a great place to take a few photos, but as a tourist attraction?

It left me a bit flat.


I get the house is nice, that there are some interesting Buddha’s dotted around (some of which I suspect were plundered form places they shouldn’t have been plundered from) that some of the ceramics are pretty, even beautiful. I even like the open plan lounge area that has only three walls.

But it was sterile. It didn’t bring old Jim to life for me.

After we arrived we were informed Our tour would start at 1320hrs, so we had time to kill.

At our allotted time  a very nice lady with the quietest voice took us to a locker room where we had to store our bags, then we went for a walk around the garden (we had already been wandering around here for 40 minutes waiting for the tour to start).

That done, we went back to the locker room and removed our shoes before, at last, going into the house.

Once in the house we weren’t allowed to take any photos, so all of us with cameras hanging around our necks were redundant, we may as well have left them in the locker with the back packs?

open plan living

The tour of the house took about 15 minutes. 25 if you add the time we spent in the locker room, then we were out again.

After the tour we had a quick drink in the cafe. I chose Guava fruit Juice which tasted just like eating grass.

I’m so impressed I’m gonna include this in my re-cycling regime when I get home. No more composting the lawn cuttings, they’re going straight in the blender.

We then had a Butch and Sundance moment.

Jaki had left the money on the table to pay for the drinks and we left Hotly pursued by 2 staff from the restaurant demanding extra money. She had read the price’s without her glasses so had mistaken 180 Baht for 150 Baht and had short changed them by 60 Baht.

Haven’t done a runner from a restaurant since I was a teenager.

We saw boat’s going up and down the canal at the back of the house so went to see if they were water taxi’s which they indeed were.

Walking along the canal

We followed the canal (San Lap ) for a short way and found a pier, waited a few minutes till a boat arrived, clambered, not very elegantly on board and off we went on what would be a very wet and wild roller coaster ride.

But where we were going we just didn’t know.

As it turned out we only had one stop before the boat turned round and went the other way so we scrambled off and set about trying to find out exactly where we were. Luckily the map feature on my i Phone worked (even though I don’t have a local Sim and no Wifi) so we could see a bleeping blue dot that gave us our bearings. Not that it helped much but we recognised a few landmarks and decided to head to Suan Lumphini park.

Water Taxi

Unfortunately our plan went wrong as we walked North instead of South finding ourselves at Pratunam market instead. We were now further away than when we started.

Eventually, we found a skytrain station and with a bit of ducking and diving got ourselves back to Nana and our Apartment with its air conditioner and that lovely comfy bed.

It was afternoon snooze time.

We decided to change our plans slightly and go out for my Birthday meal this evening rather than on my actual birthday, which meant we could have a drink and if we were a bit hung over in the morning it wouldn’t really matter. A lie in would be possible.

The restaurant we’d chosen was called Hemmingway’s just by the ASOK skytrain terminal, about a 15 minute walk away.

When we got there it was surprisingly busy, in fact it was rammed. All three floors and the garden were full of people. We did enquire but there was no way they could seat us this evening so we booked a table for 8.30 on the Saturday before trying the Thai place on the corner, but they too were full.

In desperation we went into the nearest bar (a place that looked awful in daylight but was perfectly fine in the dark) and asked for the drinks menu, chose two glasses of white wine only to be told they had run out of white wine.

Through gritted teeth we laughed this off (after our Hooters experience this was nothing) and chose some thing else, anything else, to take away the hunger pangs.

Later the Thai restaurant thinned out and we managed to secure a table on the road side next to a couple of Yanks who talked business all evening.

The menu was pretty extensive so we chose some new stuff as well as some old favourites and made the best of it and it wasn’t half bad at that.

So one more day in paradise, well that is if you love Bangkok, which I do.

I know some stuff drives you crackers.

The guy’s that want to sell you fake watches and slip’s up to you all cloak and dagger, look’s around several times incase anyone is listening and then slip a shit fake watch out of their pocket with a sly grin. So bloody George Cole.

Or the Tuk-Tuk driver that just can’t understand why you would want to walk anywhere rather than travel in his vehicle.

Im a bit off of Tuk-Tuks at the moment. Ive had an annoying cough for a few days which I think is due to the air pollution.

But I love it here. I love the noises, the smells (well not all the smells) the food and the people.

Today 100,000 people gathered outside the Royal Palace to pay tribute to the late King who they absolutely revere. Cant see that happening in the UK.

And to think I’ll spent my 64th Birthday here.

I am a lucky Bunny. 21st October 2016


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