Vietnam Visa. 17th October 2016

We have been trying to get a Visa for Vietnam for months and I think I blogged about it earlier.

However, our plan was to get one in Bangkok then we ran out of time so we decided to get one here in Phnom Penh as we had plenty of time.

We did some research on line and found that the $40 charge had a delay of 3-5 days and we had only planned to stay here for 3 days. Luckily there was a way of getting them within 24 hours but that incurred an additional $15  fee so a total of $55 each.

The reception desk offered to get them within 24 hours for $60 dollars, so we went with that, paid the money, handed over our passports and our pictures and they took care of the rest.

That was easy.

This morning we woke up to find Vietnam has been hit by a Major Typhoon that has caused havoc , flooded huge areas and killed some people. There were warnings that a further Typhoon was due to strike (though they didn’t know where) within the next 24 hours and the effects would last at least a week. The satellite photograph shows a huge  swirling cloud stretching as far as India, Bali the Philippines and most of Asia. T

The exception being Northern Thailand.

So we decided to change our route, fly back to Bangkok, stay there till the worst was over then head up north and either cross in to Laos or try going into Burma.

We went on line and managed to get flights tomorrow evening at a reasonable price, though this went up considerably when taxes and charges were added. But at least we had a flight booked.

We assumed the Vietnam Visa started from the day we crossed the border so we weren’t worried but we have since learned that the Hotel gave tomorrow as the start date, so it looks like we have now paid $120 for visas that we cant use or will be out of date by the time we can get into Vietnam.

So, We’ve wasted $120 on the visa, Incurred an additional air fare we hadn’t banked on, we cant get into Vietnam because of the Typhoon, the weather is lousy  everywhere for the next week and if the Typhoon hits Cambodia tomorrow we could be stuck at the airport till its safe to fly.

Not going well is it?


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