Learning the Lingo. 17th October 2016

Where ever I go I like to have a crack at the Local language.

When we were in Spain, we tried to learn a word a week, the theory being that at the end of 3 months we would have 12 new words in our Vocabulary!

That doesn’t seem a lot but I did German at School for five years and only managed. “Ich verstehen das nicht” in my oral exam.

So Cambodian should be a cinch.

We started off today with something of a surprise.

The Hotel has a Spa on the top floor as well as a swimming pool.

So after all the frustrations of the Vietnamese Visa, the heavy rain and the damp squibb that was the Visit to the Royal Palace we decided to treat ourselves, head for the Spa and have a steam, then a swim and maybe a drink at the bar.

Exiting the lift we followed the sign’s to the Spa and met a very nice lady sat behind a desk in the Spa room.

“Hi, we’d like to use the Spa please”. I said  Hopefully.

“You want Massage”. She replied in a cute  voice.

“No, we’d like to use the SPA. Maybe have a Sauna or use the Steam Room”?

“Sorry, no steam room only Massage.” She was becoming insistent.

“Maybe you want to use the Jacuzzis”?  She asked

I pointed to the sign above her head. “No the SPA”. I said in my best talking to a nincompoop way.

“No, that mean Massage”. She said finally.

So there you have it. My first Cambodian word.


Which mean’s ‘Massage’ in Cambodian.

Which would explain my confusion with the Pool.

See, I thought a pool was a thing where you had a swim and a Jacuzzi was a hot tub with bubbles.

In Cambodia they are the same thing, a small tub of freezing cold water not big enough to swim in, not deep enough to drown in.

The name is interchangeable.

‘Jacuzzi ‘is the same as ‘Swimming Pool’ which is Cambodian for:- Bath tub of cold water.

My repertoire is expanding in leaps and bounds.






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