Giant Ibis Bus travel.

This is a warning to anyone who is considering using this organisation for transportation.

The Bus is fine, service Ok punctuality etc is all good.

However, after about two and a half hours travel we stopped for a toilet break. We were told all passengers had to get off the bus.

When i came back i found the bus open and got on.


There was a khmer lady who had been sat at the back of the bus (and was obviously friends with the driver and the conductor as they were chatting and laughing together before we left) stood in the isle with a black leather hand bag in her hand.

She immediately put it up on the luggage rack and went to the back of the bus, then came down the isle and got off.

It all looked very suspicious.

When Jaki came back I told her and we agreed to wait and see who went to the bag , that way we would establish if this lady was the owner.

After only 10 minutes we stopped again, this time for lunch and the Australian couple sat next to us picked up the leather bag.

At this point we told the girl to check her bag to ensure her valuables were still there and when she did she discovered 400 Australian Dollars was missing.

I pointed the lady out and we confronted her but she denied it and said she had only moved the bag to get at something behind it.

She made a right fuss shouting and proclaiming her innocence. She opened her wallet and showed us the contents to demonstrate she had no Aussie Dollar but by now she could have changed the money in the first stop or passed it to the people she was travelling with.

The staff on the bus walked off and made it clear they wanted nothing to do with it. They refused to call the police or take any action what so ever.

In fact, they seemed to find it all amusing and after this incident were laughing and joking with the Khmer lady, patting her on the head and generally having aJolly time.

Their lack of help or assistance was disgraceful.

I think, though i don’t know that the first stop was a set up to get us off the bus so the lady could go through the bags. Which means the staff were complicit.

So i suggest anyone using this service take great care with their valuables and dont expect any help or sympathy from staff if things go missing.


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