Breakfast at the Queen Grand Boutique Hotel. Phnom Penh. 16th October 2016

Who’d have thought you could have so much fun at breakfast time?

The day started a bit badly. The alarm went off at 0830 but I really didn’t want to get up as its the best nights sleep Ive had in 3 days (sorry OKAY 1 but your bed was crap). When I did get up I had a whole load of things I needed to do but they weren’t the same things as Jaki and she started Nibbling away at me.

I never understand why ‘someone’ asks my opinion, then when they get it and it’s not what they wanted, they ask the same question again but in a different way. If you ask the same question ten times aren’t you likely to get the same answer each time?

Apparently not!

In the end I suggested she go on down to breakfast ahead of me and I would come down when I was ready.

My priority was to sit on the loo without being pressured to hurry up, one of the luxuries of being on holiday I find.Once I’d done that I sorted out my other chores and then made my way down to find Jaki sat at the table without a morsel of food present.

I joined her and we sat there for some considerable time watching the waiters go about their business which apparently didn’t include feeding us. So we called some one over and they gave us the menu which had a list of breakfast item’s Western style on one side and Cambodian on the other.


We decided to stick with Western this morning and the Boiled eggs with toasted soldiers and bacon (?) Seemed like the ideal choice. We agreed to the 6 minute boil (rather than the 4 or 8 minute boil) hoping they would be soft enough to dip our soldiers in.

In the mean time we ordered Tea which was a mistake they had a coffee pot full of water on a coffee percolator but it only had one tea bag so when it was poured into the cup it was a bit weak, when they added 50% milk, it was undrinkable.


So we tried the coffee which is very strong, and needed extra Milk. Unfortunately they had run out of Milk.

By this time our Eggs had arrived, minus the soldiers and the Bacon.

We called the waiter over and explained that they had only delivered half the order. He seemed surprised to see Toast and Bacon on the menu even though he had been working here for ever. So off he went to give someone a clip round the ear and get us back on track.

Fearing the worst I spotted some sliced bread and a toaster on the breakfast counter and figured I could make my own. So I placed two slices in the toaster, pushed down the switch and waited. After a few minutes the toast popped up, but it looked a bit anaemic.
“Was it done enough for me”? The waiter asked.

“Not really, they’re not cooked”. I replied.

He scrunched up his face and then, switched on the electricity. Silly old me.

Back  at the table the updated food had arrived.

Some well done streaky bacon and 4 strips of plain white bread, un-toasted. Much too soft and flexible to dip into an egg yolk.

Which was just as well because the eggs were hard boiled and there was no way they were made for dipping.

Sensing defeat we  gave breakfast a miss and decided in the future we wouldnt ask for anything as complicated as a Boiled egg and Toast.





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