Okay 1 Hotel. Siem Reap. In the rain.

When we arrived at the Hotel it started to rain and it hasn’t stopped which has in effect made us hostage to the Hotel environment and perhaps a bit more critical than we would other wise have been.

The Hotel is a bit ominous with its heavy wooden furniture and dark lighting. It reminds me very much of Munster Manor.

But it’s currently 0529 in the morning, I’ve been awake for the last hour or so tossing and turning and there appears to be a stray dog living under the bed that keeps growling whenever sleep threatens.

My new supply of ear plug’s work well at reducing the noise but after a week of use they have made my ear’s sore and I have had to take them out as the sore ness is waking me up. Which is why I’m aware of the dog growling.

So its time to vent my spleen, or at least to take a critical look at our surroundings which  under normal circumstances might suffice but in the rain, leave a lot to be desired.

See, this place is functional, like a church hurriedly built to meet the need to pray without distractions of creature comforts.

The room is basic, It has a bed, the bed is big, firm and clean though it only has one sheet which has already been commandeered.

It has two pillows, one each but they aren’t substantial enough to given any real support.

There is a working TV set with a good choice of channels, though the screen is small and the remote doesn’t work so you have to keep getting up from the bed to make changes.

There is no chair so the bed is the only place to sit.

The furniture is old fashioned, heavy dark wood. Functional but we are a bit reluctant to put our clothing in the drawers so its all still in the suitcases which are taking up most of the floor space.

There is a small fridge,and a safety deposit box.

There is a ceiling fan which is wonderfully quiet but it is right over the bed so blows a draft directly onto the occupants and this has woken me up several times already. We haven’t as yet found the switch to shut this off so have resorted to removing the door key from it socket which is intended to shut off power to the room when you leave.

There’s a large extractor fan in the wall and an air conditioner though we haven’t had to use that yet as the rain has dropped the temperature to bearable levels.

The lighting is strange with 2 x foot strip light’s on two walls and two bamboo hat stands with a bulb wired in at either side of the bed but there is a shortage of sockets so only one can be plugged in at a time.

There is also a strange light over the bed which we couldn’t initially turn off. We later found a dimmer switch behind the head board  but this cant be reached without pulling the bed away from the wall.

The shower room must have been designed on a bad day. Theres’ a sink with a tap which has hot water. A small wooden rack where items can be placed and a mirror. Theres a western toilet but it seems to leak as the floor is constantly wet around its base though this may be due to the shower which is on the wall next to the toilet and when switched on discharges all over the toilet, the seat, the toilet paper and the bin, both of which we have now moved to higher ground.

Unfortunately the Electric shower doesn’t work so there is no hot water. There is also a very dodgy looking joint in the live electricity feed to the shower which is wrapped in Insulation tape but could be lethal if it got wet.

The roof terrace may well be appealing, even attractive on a sunny day but at night with the rain beating down it wasn’t the best place to bunker down.

The tables and chairs are hard wood, straight backed offering little or no comfort to the guests who are trying their best to sit out the storm by listening to music or watching Tv on their Phones. Wifi signal is good here.

Most  of the tables are exposed to the rain and have been covered over by sheets of plastic.

The lighting is barely functional but completely unattractive and the pool is in pitch darkness. No pool lighting at all.

The pool in reality is very small nothing like the image portrayed on the web site. On a hot day it would be rammed.

The small  bar offers a range of drinks and we ordered some food which was very good though the service is a bit slap dash and the waiter could really do with a change of shirt and some roll on deodorant.

Given the weather forecast for at least the next week is not good we’ve been looking at options.

It would appear that we were premature in coming to Cambodia as the general consensus is that October is often wet. Something we seem to have missed when we looked at the forecast from home.

Our plan was to travel to Phnom Pehn in two days time and as such we had made a provisional booking in a Hotel there using Bookings.com.

However, the weather is dryer farther North and Phnom Pehn is South so we decided to cancel the booking at the last minute. We understood the booking allowed us to cancel free of charge until the 12th of October, (at least thats what the email said).

Unfortunately once I had cancelled they advised via e mail that there was a $37.12 charge for cancelation.

So not a great move on our part.

Jaki has been looking at ways of getting to Hanoi or North into Laos in order to get better weather but there are complications.

To fly to Hanoi is about $160 each and there doesn’t as yet appear to be a cheaper way.

To get to Norther Laos over land we have to cross the boarder which will entail another Visa charge and I’m not sure if we will then have to pay to come back into Cambodia again in the future?

So the cost could mount up which ever option we choose.

Currently our plan is to go out later and buy some wet weather gear (should have brought our Glastonbury clothing) and try to explore Angkor Wat in the rain. Then move on, hopefully north in order to find some drier weather.

Or we sit it out here and wait for it to improve, in which case we will need to find a slightly more modern Hotel that at least has some comfortable space to while away a rainy day.

No one said it would be easy!



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