Hotel OKAY 1. Siem Reap. Cambodia

Were sat on the roof of our hotel sheltering from the torrential rain that is falling.

Its quite nice looking out across the roof tops as the rain bounces off the tiles though it’s a bit cool and there’s a breeze, not as balmy as it was in Bangkok though the thunder is still rumbling away in the distance.

The flight was only an hour and before I could get my kindle out and find my page we were coming back down again. They did give us a pack of sandwiches which were rather tasty but it was all a bit rushed and probably unnecessary.

I did though enjoy my second dancing lesson of the Holiday which I like to think of as the ‘Air Asia Hop.’

The stewardess needed to stamp our boarding card’s part way through the flight (why) which meant I had to get my back pack out of the overhead locker. The guy in front of me had wedged a huge carry on bag in the locker which had to come out before I could get to mine. So I gave it a bit of a Yank, just as we hit a bit of turbulence.

The sudden Lurch set me off, backward down the Isle with the bag still held over my head, I was gaining speed and had nearly reached First class when one of the stewards blocked my path and grabbed me by the seat of my pants thus avoiding a major incident and the cost of an upgrade.

There was a further form to complete during the flight, most of which simply repeated the information already given a dozen times.

When we disembarked and entered the terminal building we found all the visa application forms had been taken so there was a bit of a delay until I found a guy in uniform who went and got a fresh batch.
We completed this form, repeating yet again the same information and then queued up to pay our $30 each for the privilege of entering the country. We queued again to get our passports back, duly stamped and then made our way to Immigration, where we queued again.

Photo, fingerprints, scowl from official, then we were finally through.

The next challenge was Money.

We’d brought US Dollars but had no local currency and (didn’t even know what it was).

So we went to the Bureau de Change and had one of those conversations that make you wonder if your in a parallel  universe.

It went a bit like this.

Jaki. “How much (Local currency) do you think we should get”?

Bill. “I don’t Know, how about $50”?

Jaki. “That wont be enough”?

Bill. “How much should we  change then”?

Jaki. “I don’t know that’s why I asked you”!

I felt a bit giddy at this point and had to take some Gaviscon.

Once outside we saw our name held up on a card and were taken to a Tuk-Tuk of some local construction which is towed by a small Honda 5o. The trailer simply sits astride the passenger seat.

It didn’t go very fast and the driver had to keep changing gear but it gave us an opportunity to see the country side in a relaxed way and I have to say it looked good. Much cleaner and far more modern than I had imagined. We felt rather comfortable.

roof top pool OKAY 1

Once we got to our Hotel the first surprise was that you have to take your shoes off outside, you cant wear shoes inside.

The next surprise was the view from the window. An air conditioning unit on the wall of the next building. I guess we wont be spending much time looking out at that particular view but the room is clean and comfortable if a little old fashioned.

Reception OKAY 1

There is good wifi and it even works on the roof where theres a bar, restaurant and pool.

If only it would stop raining we might have some fun, but the prospect for the next week is rain every day, everywhere in the whole of Asia. Apparently despite all the home work, we chose to come here in the wettest month of the year.
So much for our planning!






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