Bollywood dance classes. 8th Oct 2016

After a long day sight seeing in the heat theres nothing nicer than to come home to a Bollywood Dance class on the roof of your Hotel.

There were three choices on offer.

1    Bollywood dance class.

2   Bollywood Cinema.

3   Do Bugger all.

The more energetic (I’m trying to avoid using the term younger element) chose the dance classes and Jaki put her name down for this too as she really didn’t want to sit in a Cinema for 3 hours watching  a film where boy meets girl, falls in love, wicked Uncle tries to sabotage plans, love conquers all, happy ending.

Its too much like our story.

I was clearly not in the running for dance classes due to age and infirmity (or as my mate Kev would say. “What, with these feet”?) so I volunteered to be the number one camera man on set.

However our plan went astray when the phone call to Lloyds bank took 100 minutes rather than the ten we’d expected. So by the time we arrived on the roof the rehearsals were well underway and the cast were looking suitably sweaty.

they did a fantastic job of learning this 8 move routine and the end result can be seen on my YouTube site.

Watching them brought tears to my eyes.

Tom out of step, Calum with his tongue hanging out, Luke looking more like a footballer than a dancer. The girls seemed to do OK though.

The Hotel had stocked up a fridge with bottled beers and given us the key so we could help ourselves and pay later which was just as well cause it was thirsty work.

We returned to the roof later that evening where we gave Emily a birthday cake and had a few more beers. At 10 our shirts arrived from the Tailors.

Tom looked particularly dashing in his multi coloured shirt which was just tight enough to show off those big beefy bicep’s.

Tom lost at cards so forfeit was pencilled eyebrows all day.

We had a quick fashion show for the group who made all the right noises and told us just how cool we looked (and if we didn’t, we didn’t seem to care).

This mad I Larf which is why its Number 2 on my list




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