Top Ten activities. India


I made a list of my top ten activities of the last week.

I hope I can record most of them accurately in my blog.

So, here is the list.;
1 Rickshaw ride
2 Bollywood dance class
3 Taj
4 Romi
5 Food
6 Camping
7 People
8 Jaipur
9 Chai
10  Cycle Safari

So, in that order.

Rickshaw ride . Jaipur.

We were walking around Jaipur after having visited Hawa Mahal Museum.

Walking through Jaipur

It started to rain so we took shelter under a shop canopy (well a sheet of Tarpaulin tied to some trees) to let the worst of it pass.

It was very hot and sticky so Romi organised a fleet of Cycle rickshaws to take us back to the Bus.

Jaipur traffic

There was a stampede of Rickshaw drivers all fighting to get us on board their particular vehicle, none of which looked particularly road worthy and weren’t very comfortable to ride in.

Most of the drivers (pedaler) were skinny little guys who didn’t look like they had enough muscle to move the bike and two huge Europeans and as it turned out, they weren’t.

These bike’s have no gears, so getting moving from a standing start is a bit tricky when your only 6 stone dripping wet. The drivers often had to resort to getting off and pushing and in the mayhem that is Jaipur Traffic, thats no mean fete.

All equal setting off.
Shelter from the rain
Victoria and Zoe
Aric photographing me photographing him.

Once we got going it was like being in a video game. There was total bedlam with cars and bikes swirling around us, horns honking at us and the diesel fumes made your eye water.
In amongst this, other commuters would pull along side us and want to start a conversation. 
“Hello, where you from”. Was quite common, as was “Indian Helicopter” which we think referred to their motor scooter though no one seems sure.

Tuk-Tuk drivers laughed at us and seemed to find it great fun to see a fleet of Rickshaws loaded with European tourists negotiating the traffic jams.

We were all taking photos furiously but the road surface wasn’t conducive to still photograph due to the Pot holes and rubble that makes up the city streets, so we all took to video which doesn’t really portray the sheer terror of the ride.

NB: Ive put this on You tube so you can take a look. Hope this link works???

We started to splinter as the fitter drivers raced on ahead and the older less able drivers lapsed further and further behind.
When we eventually regrouped I was exhausted from being thrown around but mainly from laughing so much.

It was the best fun you can have with your clothes on which is why it is my Number one activity.


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