Travel is good for you? Im Dying to go.

Like many people my age, I’m a hostage to the ‘Dossette’ Box.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with this particular aspect of ‘Ageing’  it’s the little box that you store your tablets in.

When I started mine was a delicate little thing that held one tablet a day. Now I’ve expanded to something the size of a Cabin Bag.

Not satisfied with prescribing tablets to lower my blood pressure (which in itself has been raised by my engagement with the Doctors surgery over the last week) my Doctor has also give me tablets to reduce high Cholesterol, which is apparently hereditary.

Thanks Mum. Didn’t leave me any Family Heirloom’s but did leave me high cholesterol.

Ive also developed over the years a Prostate Gland the size of a Rugby Ball that requires two tablets. One to shrink it (though that doesn’t seem to be working) and one to relax it. Ive got a ‘Laid Back’ Prostate!

Plus, I ended up in Frenchay Hospital Casualty Unit one Saturday night (that was an experience) because my heart had done something weird and my pulse went up to just over 200 beats per minute.

After 4 hours of test’s they diagnosed SVT (Supra ventricular tachycardia) which is like a switch being flicked in my chest and my heart goes mental. Not life threatening but a bit of a nuisance.

They showed me this neat trick for stopping it which requires stimulation of the Vegus Nerve in the neck. It worked for me almost immediately though one GP did advise against doing this as it can cause blood clots.

So I now have ‘A Pill in the Pocket‘. A tab I have to take to get my heart back into a proper rhythm.

Then theres pain killers for the Arthritis in the Knees,  which causes constipation so I have Movacol to help me go!

Lansoprasol to stop acid indigestion and finally, haemorrhoid cream , well, for Haemorrhoids.

10 weeks supply


So, planning a trip for 10 weeks requires a significant  amount of medication, which in turn requires a significant amount of space in the suitcase, though it does get smaller as the journey progresses.

Which is how I nearly died.

I usually order a repeat prescription on line but because I needed 10 weeks supply I called in to the surgery and spoke to the receptionist who printed out a repeat prescription and told me to write the dates needed on the form and submit it, which I duly did.

However, there was some delay and as expected some confusion which resulted in the Pharmacist putting up the wrong quantities and completely missing others.

As a result I went for 10 days without taking my Blood pressure medication (Ramipril 10mg) but I was checking my blood pressure daily and it was fine so i didn’t think there was a problem.

When the Meds were finally delivered I started back on the Ramipril as I had done for the past 5-6 years. Big Mistake.

The next day I had an SVT episode which they think was triggered by the restart of the Ramipril which lowered my blood pressure too quickly. As prescribed I took my Pill in the Pocket (Bisoprol 10mg) which, as it turns out, reduces your blood pressure.

You can see where I’m going with this cant you?

I was working in the garden digging over the lawn when I felt a bit funny. I decided to take my blood pressure and to my surprise it had crashed through the floor.

For the rest of the day my Systolic and Diastolic were about equal.

On the edge of extinction


Luckily the next day I had an appointment with the GP who was a bit more concerned than I’d expected.

“Did you present to Casualty”? She asked as if that was so obvious.

She got a bit rattled when i said No.

“What did you do”? She persisted.

She nearly fell off her chair when I said I went back out in the garden and carried on digging!

I just didn’t realise the seriousness of low blood pressure which can apparently bring on a Cardiac Arrest.

I was so shocked I nearly had a Heart attack!

Luckily things are now back on an even Keel, the  Meds have been reviewed and the blood pressure is back to normal, though I’ll be taking more drugs into Thailand than any of Pablo Escobar’s Mule’s.

Last night we had a fare well drink in the Pub and Jaki put out a message on face book for anyone who fancied it to meet us at The Rising Sun at about 1930.

To our surprise about 25 people turned up including my Brother and Sister and their partners, loads of Friends and Neighbours and even Mike Horsfield, who never ever leaves Nailsea.

It was good to see so many people all desperate to get rid of us.

Some even admitted they followed the Blog, though my brother insisted he could only manage the twitter account.

The Blog was he said, ‘Too hard Core’.








One thought on “Travel is good for you? Im Dying to go.

  1. Squatting down can relieve super fast heartbeat now – it’s not pretty but is fairly effective! I had the same thing (it’s why I stopped playing netball) just before diagnosis of my (benign) heart murmur. Bon Voyage! Happy scribbling!

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