Cambodia. 9th Sept 2016

A Tomato stopped me getting a Cambodian Visa.

Well, not ‘A Tomato’ but a whole ‘load’ of Tomatoes.

See, Ive grown some Tomatoes in my green house. I bought the plants for 40 pence each from a bloke down the road who had a sign up outside his house.

Initially they looked terribly spindly and I winged, wishing I’d Planted Money Maker or another proprietary brand but these weak little things have given me the best crop of tomatoes Ive had for years. (Jaki counted in excess of 90 fruits).

So, as a way of using them up I roasted a great dish full, then blitzed them with Garlic,  fresh Thyme ,a chilli and some seasoning. Dropped a dollop of Yoghurt in the mix and it made a great Tomato soup for supper . (Supper! Very Mary Berry).

Unfortunately I find Tomatoes are a very effective diuretic , so last night I went for the world record for getting up to have a pee. If I  was awake for all of them, which I may not have been, it was six times, including the one at about 0715 this morning.

Which is why I was up so early and I decided I may as well do something useful so set about making my Cambodian Visa application, on line.

It was all going swimmingly till the Wi-fi crashed. (Is that the correct terminology or is it Froze or timed out?) Anyway, the laptop lost the wifi connection and as a result my Visa application went down the tubes.

So I decided to see if I could fix the situation.

We’ve not had a great experience with Virgin Media since we’ve been in this house. The Tivo box has been replaced but still takes ages to do anything, often decides it doesn’t want to play at all (usually there are two little red lights on the right hand side of the box when this happens) or Buffers so badly it make watching painful. The Wi-fi is intermittent, slow and often bugger’s off some where when you least expect it, like when you’r listening to a play on radio 4 or half way through a track on Spotify.

That’s  why I went onto the Virgin Media web site and looked for the trouble shooting page for my Router. (Super Hub).


It told me to check my Cables.  Cable’s duly checked!

Then it said. Try connecting an Ethernet cable between the Router and the Computer.

Now, here’s a thing. There isn’t a connection for Ethernet on a MacBook Air!

I pressed on regardless to the next bit.

‘Changing your wireless Channel.’


It told me that I should down load an App called KisMac to identify the best channel to swap to and offered a link. Except that when you click on the link it says this web site isn’t available.


As a result, I was unable to repair the Wifi, I was unable to complete the Visa application and I was unable to go back to sleep and I didn’t break the world Peeing record, I Failed by some distance.

All because of them Bloody Tomatoes.

Not a great start to the day but after yesterday and the Hypertension Clinic what did you expect?

What about the Hypertension clinic you ask?

OK, I’ll explain, though you need to be patient. No pun intended.

I got a letter from my GP telling me I was due for a Hypertension review and would I make an appointment for this to happen.

Our Surgery has an on line booking system that they are very proud of. In fact they boast how great it is.


So I went on line to book and the options were :-


I clicked ‘Request an appointment’ and it asked whether I wanted to see a Doctor (don’t think that was necessary) or Bloods. I chose ‘Bloods’ and made an appointment. That just seemed sensible right?

Well, I turned up at the allocated time and went in to see the nurse who told me she was sorry but she wasn’t able to do the Hypertension review’. It appears you have to see another Nurse for that and the web site doesn’t allow you to book that appointment.

Yes she understood how frustrating it was, they get it all the time! 

I asked what I should do with the early morning Urine sample I had tucked in my pocket?

She seemed surprised and said they don’t usually test Urine on a Hypertension clinic.

Even though the letter they sent told me to bring one? I asked.

At this point a head popped through the door from an adjoining room like a Jack-in-the-Box and kindly offered to test the urine for me.

It transpired that this was the lady I should have seen and she wasn’t doing anything at that moment so was happy to test my sample.

My Nurse asked me if I was due for a PSA (Prostate Specific Antibody ) test but as I didn’t have access to my notes, couldn’t read her computer screen from where I was sat and haven’t done a Telepathy Course for ages, I said I didn’t Know.

So she sucked a bottle of blood out of my arm, told me to make another appointment (to see the proper blood nurse) and off I went.

When I got home I had a text from the NHS asking me if I would recommend a friend to Frome Valley based on my experience.

1. Meant I was very Happy to do this and 5. Meant I wouldn’t send Idi Amin along.

I put a 5 which I thought was very generous given my experience and pressed send.

Sadly the message wouldn’t send.When I re-read the note it was headed NHS-No-Reply.

So here’s another thing. Are they asking you to evaluate their service on a message that doesn’t have a reply option?

(No wonder my surgery is rated so highly.)


On closer inspection it gave a telephone number 07800008113 and an e mail address  which I assume you use to send them your evaluation score rather than replying to the Text?

So, I sent the e-mail with just the number ‘5’ on it and got this reply.


Does ‘Not Monitored’ Mean nobody reads it?

Does anybody have any Idea what is going on cause I sure as hell don’t!



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