Planning and organisation.

The in-betweener’s.

Since we got back from Spain we’ve been mopping up.

We paid a £250 damage deposit on the apartment and though we’ve been notified that it will be paid back in full (that in itself took 10 days) they now say it may be another 10 day’s till it’s in our account. Why?

They suggest it’s the Bank that may cause the delay but I suspect they are hanging on to my money as long as possible.

Ive also completed an evaluation of the management company   On Trust Pilot, so other people will I hope benefit from our experience. In general they were very good but they still left us without water for 24 hours and no washing machine for 3 days without offering any compensation or free laundry service.

I also queried a fee of £49 (which i didn’t recognise) on the Car Hire Bill and I was pleased with the response from who pointed out that this was an insurance policy I chose to take out in order to protect me from any additional charges for damage to the car. ( We did take pictures of it when we left it as the lady checking the car’s in didn’t want to come and look at it, preferring  instead to just take the key’s.

Also, we got some money returned for the fuel but it was minus the 25 Euro admin fees, so didn’t really cover the cost of a tank of petrol.

hire car

However, I would recommend Argus  to potential traveller’s and Centaur who actually provided the car, were spot on.

So, now it’s looking to the future.

We’ve booked our Jab’s with STA for 1st September which is one of those things that has to be done but which I wish we could avoid. So it’s a case of gritting our teeth and getting on with it.

We still have to decide which type of anti Malaria tablets we take as there are some risks but I’ve taken them before without any side effects so I’m hoping it will be fine.

As we’re visiting India for the first time were obviously keen to make that a success, not least by avoiding any Tummy Troubles.

A friend I met recently travel’s to India a lot and loves it. She suggested the risk isn’t necessarily the food but the drinks.

She suggested not putting bottles in your mouth when drinking and demonstrated how this could be done, though I suspect this is do-able when sober but may be more problematic after a few beers.

She also suggested avoiding ice in drinks and anything that has been washed in local water so, salad and fruit?

Look’s like I’ll be on a Curry Only Diet then?

There are a host of things we need to organise, not least visas to get into (and presumably back out of) countries we hope to visit. So, when Jaki gets back from Jersey (yes she’s off again, this time with her mother and her sister) we’ll get on the case.

She’s been reading Wendy Wu travel Brochures on the pretext that she is ‘Planning some thing nice for my Birthday’ however, I suspect she’s just getting delusions of grandure?

We decided to book a Taxi to get us to Heathrow and our old chum Mehmet has offered a very good rate for the job. Whether we’ll book a return or catch a coach is still to be decided but I notice none of my Family have rushed to offer to collect us.

Hint hint.

Probably not much use as they don’t follow my Blog. Georgia says its too boring!

Well, I’ll have to see what we can do about that!




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