last days. 9/10 August 2016


Last day today and we had to get some chores done including refuelling the car.
We booked our hire car through Argus and in turn they use Centaur.

They gave us a little Fiat 500 and charged 74 Euro’s to fill it up which is a bit odd as we’ve just filled it up for 31 Euro’s.

hire car

When i checked the rental agreement it says they will reimburse me for fuel not used (but they don’t say at what rate) but they charge me 25 Euro’s admin fee which will just about wipe out anything I’ve got coming back.

That in my book is clearly a rip off!

Like the Out of Hours charge of 40 Euro’s they charge if you take the car back when the office is closed. (Basically any time before 0900hrs in the morning or after 1700 hrs in the evening).

We picked up at 1030 but It appears we still incurred the charge.
So you just have to take this on the chin.

We did though get some optional extras such as indicators and rear view mirror which no one seems to use in Spain.

The little Fiat was good on petrol but did struggled to get up some of the hills and it proved to be a bit more temperamental than expected.

A bit like the apartment .

It could be quite nice but it needs a lot of TLC.

We have raised our concerns with the management company who have indicated that they know what were saying but that the owner doesn’t want to spend any money on it?

Still, if your advertising a place with a washing machine, it should actually have a washing machine and that washing machine should wash clothes. In this case it failed on the last point.

We’ve also had a second flood in the kitchen which unlike the Bidet which has no water supply, the kitchen has too much. It appears they forgot to replace the water pipe when they checked the washing machine..

We also did our shopping.

Our sum total of purchases was one Indalo man for outside the front door of the bungalow. This has become a bit of a tradition with us. We had one at the last house for years and i just feel safer knowing he’s on guard. Like a beware of the dog sign.

Our plans for coming back out to Spain may have been dashed.

Jaki spent some time in the pool with a guy who owns the apartment next door and he says its far too cold here in the winter. He says he stays in Alicante which is warmer.

So Jaki has been trawling the internet and has convinced herself that the average temperature in Mojacar in January will be 10 degree’s and in Alicante, it will be 12. That is apparently far too cold to do anything. (Even though the average temp in the UK is 4 degrees and it rains constantly where as its dry as a bone in Spain).

She’s now announced we should be going out to Thailand in January as the weather there is grand and when were going in October it will be pissing down with rain.

Pity she wasn’t so bloody clever before we paid for the flights.

It would appear the cheap places to go in the winter are Mexico or Columbia and the price is reduced even further if you carry a Kilo of Hash back in yer back pack.

So, not only has it been cloudy all day, not only is it our last day and were out of tea bags (and i’m not allowed to buy any more) but our plans for the next 12 months have gone up in smoke.

Far be it from me to complain but …..

So we got up early this morning 0600hrs and left the apartment. We had to drop the keys at the agents and then pick up the motorway back to Murcia.

The first problem we encountered found us on the old road not the Toll road which meant an extra 20-30 kilometres but also, the exit for the airport wasn’t signposted. Which is how we found ourselves in the middle of Murcia.
The car hire firm didn’t provide a map, there were no instructions for finding the airport, Jaki had left her glasses in her bag, in the boot and the Sta-Nav was in my bag. Again, in the boot.

So after following a sign that looked remotely like an aeroplane, which eventually brought is into an industrial estate, we realised we were hopelessly lost.

So we stopped. Jaki got her glasses and we plugged the Sat-Nav in.
As the battery is kaput, we had to wait a while for it to charge up and when it did it wouldn’t accept Airport as a destination.

Jaki took on the roll of Blind Pew and and I captain Pugwash. Cue lots of swearing.

So we retraced our step’s and got back onto the motorway system. When we did we were going sort of North -East again, toward Alicante and lo and behold, there was a sign for the airport. Our initial relief was tempered by the knowledge that there are two airports in Murcia one old, one new and we were concerned we were heading for the wrong one.

Luckily we saw signs for San Javier which is where the new airport is so we hoped this was the right one.

By now though we were about an hour later than planned and we still had 54 Kilometres to go. Also, the road was a bit old and had a maximum speed limit of 100 Kilometres plus, by now i was bursting for the loo.

In desperation i stopped in a garage and the guys there let me use the loo and confirmed this was the way to the international airport.

When we got there we took the car to the rental returns and the lady asked for the keys but did not want to inspect the vehicle. So we took pictures of it from all four sides and hoped for the best.

Whether we get any money back on the petrol remains to be seen.

We made it to departures with a few minutes to spare which Jaki used to put on fresh make up.

Then we were speedy boarded. Well, everyone was slowly boarded but we were less slow than others and finally got on the plane.

We had two eventful incidents on the outward flight which i failed to record.

Firstly, Simon Weston the guy from the Falklands was on our flight.

Secondly, the crew announced that someone on board had a nut allergy so as a precaution, they wouldn’t be selling nuts on the flight.

Is this a bit of a knee jerk reaction or is this a sensible precaution?

It does suggest that in future you won’t need a bomb or a gun to hijack a plane, all you’ll need is a bag of Cashews.

What was interesting was the sign language the Stewardess’s used.

Easy Jet don’t do a great range of food but what they do is heated up in the front of the plane and served up where needed. So the Stewardess asks the customer if they want anything to eat or drink? The customer chooses and the stewardess then uses EJSL (Easy Jet Sign language) to tell her mate what to cook.

For example.

Big Cheesy Grin swiped in an ark with a finger indicates . A cheese sandwich.

A finger pushing the nose up to make a Piggy Nose. A Bacon sandwich

Jaki asked what the sign was for a Focaccia???

Leave it!
However, the security at Murcia was very lax .

We forgot to put our liquids in a clear container and it wasn’t picked up.

My artificial knee set the alarm off but they didn’t check me out with the body scanner and we left all the electrical items in the back pack and they didn’t investigate.

So we were strapped in and ready for take off when the Captain announced that we’d missed our slot and would now be delayed by at least half an hour. There was nothing for it but to start my new Inspector Rebus novel and let the rest wash over me.

So here i am now, sat in the Kitchen.

We’ve had to do a bit of cleaning when we got home which we didn’t really expect but its done now and were off to the garden where well make the most of the afternoon sun. 

Well it is 16 Degrees.


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