Back to Morocco. 8th August 2016

We’ve been watching a programme that comes on TV at about 1630 which follows British people who have moved to France and Spain to start a new business. It was easy watching, had lots of beach and Blue Sky so was right up our alley on a rainy February evening.

So we were interested to read in the local paper that Channel 4 are planning to do a series called Sun, Sea and Selling Houses and they have chosen The Adolfo Suarez Municipal Park in Huercal -Overa as the venue.

As this isn’t very far away and we’ve seen some places for Winter Rent there we thought we’d take a trip out and see what its like. A bit like going on the set of Corrie?

So last evening we drove out there and had a scout round.

The first thing I have to say is. It isn’t for me. It’s a good 40 minute drive from the Sea and although when you come off the motorway its quite a pretty drive through some pines to the town, when you get there, it’s a bit Industrial.

Thats not to say there aren’t some pretty parts. there are some lovely park’s and squares, a rather nice housing estate with some decent size Villa’s and the town has everything you could possibly need. Shops, Bars. Restaurants, hospital. It is also alive for 365 days of the year so it wouldn’t die out of season.

It reminded me bit of Bridgwater, small, compact, busy.

It just isn’t very pretty and Im not sure what we’d do with ourself all year round.

It will be interesting to see how it looks on the TV.

We decided to drive back to Mojacar Pueblo and have a drink but when we got there every man and his dog had the same idea. The large Car Park at the foot of the hill where the local market is held was filling up fast.

We walked up to the lift, which is a new (ish) installation. It saves you having to walk all the way around the base of the hill and then battle up the steep slopes to the tourist area, view points and restaurants.

We got in the queue and waited our turn.

Once at the top the view was fantastic with the setting sun, the hills and vistas and a lady hanging her washing out father window 100 foot up.

Hanging washing pueblo style

We wandered around the narrow cobbled streets checking out the quirky bars and restaurants and chose a small bar for a drink.

It turned out the proprietor was English and had lived there for over 30 years.

Jaki wanted to bring a present back for her friends and she toyed with the cheeseboard and selection of cheeses that were in fact Bath Bombs. She was also taken by the fake bottle of Champagne that was in fact, shower Gel (see we know our Gel de Duche from our Moet) but for some reason which might have been related to the exorbitant prices, she didn’t.

Indalo man

I was rather taken by a pair of Gold earring for Georgia in the shape of an Indalo Man ( the Indalo is a prehistoric magical symbol found in the cave of “Los Letreros” (“The Signboards”) in Sierra de María-Los Vélez Natural Park in Vélez Blanco, Almería, Spain ) but Jaki seem’s to think she wouldn’t wear gold as it doesn’t match her nose piercing?

The restaurant’s were quickly filling up and yet more people were coming up in the lift and on the bus so we decided to head the other way.

It was a year ago this week that we were in Marrakech and we decided to head for the Moroccan restaurant in Mojacar Playa to celebrate.

Which is why we rocked up at ’Casablanca. Ricks Cafe’ restaurant and cocktail bar.

Sunset from Ricks Bar
View from Ricks Cafe

We were seated at a table for two and treated to the attention of our server who, as it transpires was not Moroccan but 50/50 French/ Spanish.

He gave us a bit of patter about the Olive Oil they use and poured some into a wine glass, swirled it and then invited us to smell it. Which was a relief as it looked at first like he wanted us to drink a glass full.

It did, as he suggested, taste of Tomatoes but I suspect I could get Aldi Olive Oil to smell of tomato if I soaked one in the brew for a while.

He gave us some small bread rolls which were apparently ‘made to fully compliment the blend of herbs in the olive oil’ and for which he charged us 2 Euros.

Not a burger bun then.

He also brought two shot glasses with a sort of yellow liquid in them and we had to guess what it was ( even here they have a quiz night). It turned out to be orange and carrot juice and very tasty it was.

He took our drinks order (he advises that the cheapest bottle of wine Glorioso was the best choice) then buggered off taking the food menu with him.

He returned later when he realised his mistake and placed the menu’s before us but also brought a special’s board that had there or four different Tagine options, which he explained quite eloquently.

I chose the Tangia which was Beef cooked for a long time, like butter???

Jaki went for the Lamb in Cinnamon Tagine.

Then it got complicated.

We asked if there were vegetables?

The quizzical look on our half French half Spanish- Moroccan waiters face suggest he had never heard of Vegetables.

We tried to explain but he then brought us the vegetarian menu.

In the end, we had to order the Tagine Verdura (veggie Tagine) at 13 Euros just to get a bit of roughage.

We amused ourselves by listening to the conversation of the people on the next table. There was Mum and Dad, a young girl maybe thirteen and then a guy about 18 but the star of the show was a ‘pretentious little madam’ about 19 or 20 who thought she was the most interesting person in the world and decided to share her insight with her ever wearying dinner mates. God she went on.

The family response to this was to drink more water. They drunk gallons. They never had a beer or a wine but they really went for it on the water stakes. We wondered if they were trying to drown her by encouraging her to drink so much her lungs would fill, which it didn’t. To their relief the young man said something and they all laughed. But immediately afterward, she took over again and the water boarding began again.

Our food was good though these aren’t large portions.

The meal’s did come with a side order of cold potato pieces, some tomatoes still on the vine, a table spoon of rice (between two) and some sort of potato pie but we were glad we ordered the extra veggies.

They did also give us a complimentary cocktail which we think was prune juice. Perhaps they understood why we had insisted on the additional vegetables after all?

So 79.50 Euro lighter we made our way back up the hill to the apartment and a nice cup of tea.

You just cant get that in France/Spain/Morocco can you!


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