The Mexican side swipe. 7th August 2016

Sunday morning and the effects of Saturday night’s ‘ All you can eat BBQ’ has left us a bit stuffed and if I’m candid, constipated.

So, the much anticipated return to Shea’s at La Parata, is at best unwanted.

However, we got ourselves ready with as much enthusiasm as could be mustered and set of for our 1300hrs booking.

This was a great Restaurant and a real favourite when we had a time share at La Parata many years ago, before Georgia started at senior school.

La parata Sheas


There used to be another great restaurant called Lykes which was always busy but that seems to have closed down.

La parata Lykes


We drunkenly bought two weeks time share in the last week of September and the first of October which was fine when school wasn’t important (you know what I mean) but we couldn’t take her out of big school with such casual disregard. So we let it go.

Actually we asked if we could swap it for some other week’s and then we would have kept it but the organisation who ran it weren’t very helpful and we had to give it back to them. Pity really.

La Parata itself is a collection of detached houses at the top of a hill (well a mountain really) just outside of Mojacar Playa up a very steep and winding road that has some pretty hairy bends and in the past, a few sheer drops. Thankfully these now have barriers to stop unwary drivers going off the edge but when we were using it regularly it was unprotected and rather challenging.

There’s also a Hostel which looks quite nice from the outside but we’ve never been in so we cant make any recommendations.

You’ll also find the collection of two bedroom apartments that make up the Time Share facility. When we bought ours they were a bit old fashioned but we’ve seen some on the internet and they look like they’ve been modernised nicely.

There was a shared pool that needed a bit of TLC but we were pleased to see this had been renovated and looked really welcoming.

When we got there, the terrace was laid out with tables under a very old Olive tree. There was a cool breeze (as there often is when your in the hills) and a guy was playing Flamenco guitar.

It was very pretty and even in our rather lethargic state, we got excited.

We were one of the first groups to arrive but pretty soon the place had filled up with guests, most of whom, judging by the welcome they received from staff, were revisit’s.

The Menu offered a two course meal at 10.95 Euros or a three course at 13.95 euros and given our condition, we went for the first option.

I chose ‘Leek & Potato Soup’ which was delicious and the first of what I hoped would be a good selection of local vegetables. Something that has been lacking from Our diet all week.

Jaki went for the ‘Avocado Salad’ which had Minced Crab on the top and looked great.

La parata Avocado starter

Main course. We both chose Roast Lamb but could easily have had the Pork or Beef.

It came with a portion of creamy Mash potato, a Roast potato ( mine was perfect. Fluffy inside and crisp and golden outside. Jaki’s was less appealing. undercooked and pail) and a Yorkshire pudding.

Vegetables were served on a separate dish and included, Pumpkin [or maybe squash] sliced Carrots [Al’ Dente] and Red Cabbage with Cranberries. All very tasty but I would have loved some Boiled Cabbage.

The Lamb was OK but if i’d have done a blind tasting, I’m not sure i’d have known what it was, it didn’t have the depth of favour i would have expected.

La parata Roast Lamb

Give me Welsh Lamb every day of the week.

Home made Mint sauce was interesting though a little gentle.

All in, this was a good value meal, presented well, at a reasonable price.

The service was a bit hit and miss. It’s as well the young man waiting on our table probably didn’t want to make this his career of choice.

Sunday Lunch is always some thing to be treasured and we perhaps attach too much store by it. Elevating it to a status it doesn’t really warrant.

In this case I think it was as good as you can get on a sunny terrace in Spain under a tree, sat on plastic chairs at plastic tables?

It just kind of ended too soon.

If there had been a large group of us and we had plenty of wine and conversation, we could have perhaps sat there all afternoon. But as it was the two of us and I was drinking water ( though they did have Stowford Press and another West country Cider available) our meal was over before it really got going.

We took a walk down to our old apartment and had some difficulty trying to decide which unit was ours. We still disagree on this now.

La Parata Our old time share
Is it this one ?


La parata Or ist it this one
Or is it this one?


Early evening, we set off to the beach but found parking spaces to be at a premium. So we ended up on a part of the beach we don’t usually use. Its slightly rocky and a bit scruffy looking. Once we had the Parasol up and our towels down though, it was as good as anywhere.

About 1930 i was busting for a Pee. Given the Red Flags were still up, there was no easy solution, so we wandered up to a Pizza restaurant behind us and ordered drinks as compensation for using their loo’s.

We decided to go back to the little bar [Bar LUZ] we’d stopped in last night and order some of their Spicy Chicken Wings as a take away, then eat on our Terrace.

They had a whole menu of different flavoured Wings and a special offer.

Their Fiery Spicy Wings were apparently so hot that if you ate 6 within 6 minutes they were free. The Gauntlet was firmly down.
This was a restaurant that specialised in Chicken wings. Yummy, what could be better.
So I parked the car [rather precariously on the hill] whilst we went in to order.

It seemed too good a place to just dash in and dash out, so we decided to have a drink whilst we considered our choices.

Jaki had tried the Margherita Cocktail the night before and declared it the best since we’d visited Mexico many years ago, if a little strong.

So, I ordered one whilst Jaki stayed on the G&T’s which were loaded with Gin.

I realised almost immediately that these were indeed strong drinks and not to be taken lightly, so before I got any further I went and moved the car, taking it back up the hill to our apartment.

As it turned out, this was very wise.

We decided to place our order and have another drink to get us up the hill.

It was at this point that we were advised….. they had “Run out of Chicken Wings”.
This did come as a bit of a shock!

Here is a Restaurant that specialises in Chicken Wings.
Its called The Chicken Shack.
It has a whole menu of Chicken wing options.

And it ran out of…… chicken wings!

Id love to take a look at their Business Plan.

“Morning Mr Bank Manager. I’d like to borrow some money to open a chicken restaurant. Im gonna sell a million different flavoured chicken wings and one so hot no one can eat it.”

Bank Manager. “Thats rather a lot of money to borrow, can you cut any corners here and there”?

“Ok, well cut down on the amount of chicken wings we keep in stock”.

Bank Manager. “That should do it. heres your Loot.”

So we were reduced to bartering for second choices.

Could we have the chicken salad?
Ah, No. Apparently they didn’t have any containers to put the salad in.

Could we have Chicken Goujons and a selection of spicy sauces?
Ah, no. they don’t have separate sauces.

They did though agreed to put some ketchup, some Sweet Chilli sauce and some BBQ sauce in separate containers. Thanks for that!

Could we have some of the really hot chilly sauce to take away?
Ah, No. They only had a bit left and they had some one coming in to do the 666 challenge tomorrow.

Could we have some chicken breast fillets?
Ah, no. We could order a chicken burger and they would hold the bun, but that came with Double cooked Fries!

So disgruntled, slightly wobbly and clutching a bag of assorted chicken bits and a portion of double cooked fries we made our way home.

We ate the food in resignation.

Even the sauces provided had clearly come straight out of a bottle and had never been near a chilly’

By now though the 2 Margherita Cocktails were taking their toll.

In fact they were preparing a Coup de’tat .

I got up from the table and realised I’d left most of the usable parts of my lower limbs back at the bar.

I staggered to the bedroom where I collapsed ungainly on to the bed where I next surfaced at some un-godly hour with a head ache, still dressed and a mouth full off chicken feathers.

Not the night I’d planned in any shape or form.


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