Early Mornings 7th August 2016

Almost 8 am on a Sunday morning and its the earliest I’ve been up since we got here.

Its a bit over cast and very still, with a cool breeze coming down from the mountain and out to sea.

There are cats fighting somewhere in the undergrowth on the other side of the road.

The sound of the surf is really loud, a rolling rumble like a machine grinding away in a hidden factory.

There’s been an unusual swell for the last week which has made it difficult to get in and out of the water.

Yesterday there were Red Flags all along the beach so no one was allowed to swim.

On the Horizon the sun is stabbing through the clouds and spilling a silver cap across the water. I think off to the left theres a patch of rain?

Clouds over the sea

Mojacar doesn’t wake up very early, there’s not a sole around. (Some mornings you may see the pool man but not today.)

It’s slow to start, but once it gets going it doesn’t want to stop.

The whole Body clock of Mojacar is different.

It doesn’t get dark till after 0930pm and even then it’s still hot.

People start BBQ-ing on their terraces when the sun goes down, children start playing and adult conversation is desperately needed after the silence of the afternoon siesta.

Its as if the heat takes its toll. It saps so much energy that its hard to recover.
Sleeping (even with air conditioning) is a task.

Initial tiredness is soon replaced by a delirium. You get hot and the inevitable collection of sand in the sheet’s abrades your skin. Crumpled sheets tangle and knot creating a corrugated mattress. So the Air-Con is switched on. There’s the Hum and the whirring of the fan, a certain amount of vibration, not unpleasant once you get used to it. The room cools.

Unmade bed

Then, its too cold and it has to go off. For a while the ceiling fan creates the Mummy Bear comfort zone that lets you slip back into sleep but its not long before the whole ritual needs to be repeated.

So, mornings are a slow process. To get up and meet the day is an effort. I haven’t woken up refreshed since we’ve been here and I’ve experienced a tiredness that mimics depression.

A weight you have to lift off the bed and park some where between your first cup of tea and the morning swim.

Later, much later people will start to stir, they’ll be wanting breakfast or a swim to crack the dry crust of the night and start another day.

Then, the joy of sunlight starts to revive.

The beauty of the place gains ground and hunger lights its first candle.

Before long its time to eat, to stroll to the shop and buy a newspaper, to pack the bag for the beach or stock the car with bottled water ready for a trip into the mountains.

So much to do before the exhaustion claims you and you have to succumb to an afternoon nap in the shade.

Its just not easy in Paradise.



4 thoughts on “Early Mornings 7th August 2016

  1. Hola, The question is, “Can you find a place in Paradise to continue this envious lifestyle”. Any luck with the property search? From Jaki’s comments, Sounds like you have not been driven to vegetarianism, hope your not missing out on your 5 a day. Don’t think lemon in G&T’s count.
    Contento nadando

    1. The Property search seem’s to suggest just coming out in January and deciding which place you wanna rent. Changes to tax law in Spain this year has meant owners have to notify Govt they are renting and pay Tax. Heavy fine if they don’t. So some owners are considering whether to rent their properties or not. But most Estate Agents have said there will be lots of availability in January. property sales have increased by 17.5% this year according to the local paper.

      Anyway, my ramblings should be taken with ‘a rather large pinch of salt’ which in itself isn’t part of my 5 a day.

  2. Hi mate
    I am in tears, of sympathy for plight in that place where the sun shines all day and all you can do is swim, visit nice places and eat.
    It makes me so grateful I am still in dear old Blighty chasing outcomes and being nice to the bosses LoL

    1. Seriously mate this isn’t for the faint hearted. We’ve trained years for this. If it were an olympic sport me and Jaki would be the Synchro Diving Team. Though she’d hit the water first for reasons that i can’t go into.

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