Thanks BBC i Player

In preparation for our trip I used the BBC i Player to down load some programmes that I intended to watch whilst away.

Today I decided to catch up on some of those programmes.

But I just couldn’t access them.

It seems they only stay on your computer for 30 days then they self destruct  (very ‘Mission Impossible). It would appear I down loaded them much too early.

But why.? I pay my licence, I’m entitled to watch them.

It’s annoying enough that I can’t access i player from Spain but when I’ve take the time and trouble to down load programs and then find they’re gone, its really really annoying.

I can apparently down load software that will fool the BBC so they don’t know where I’m watching from but that is about 5 dollars or Euro’s depending on which you use.

So, its another afternoon listening to the family down below. I just hope the Cicada’s start up soon.

Thanks BBC.


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