Spain tomorrow. 31/07/16

Its that horrible day before you go away.

Its too late if you’ve forgotten anything major yet you’ve still got plenty of time to fret.

Jaki has packed and unpacked her new suitcase ( birthday present from Georgia and I) several times and each time she looks at the  weather forecast she has to unpack and re pack again. The latest prediction is for temperatures in the mid to high 30’s so, apparently, she won’t need the new shorts she bought and they have come back out of the case?


My back pack is fully loaded.

Kindle, toiletries, medication (when you have high cholesterol and blood pressure you become a walking Pharmacy) laptop, charging leads, imodium and travel sickness pills.

Not a stitch of clothing in sight.

Ive been doing the last few jobs around the house and garden and luckily its been a lovely day. I cut the grass and managed to grind up most of the stones that I’ve dropped over the last few weeks. Pruned a few shrubs that have gotten too unruly and gave the green house a final water. Ive left written instructions for Georgia to water the Tomatoes daily as they are just starting to turn red. Though I suspect at best they will get one or two squirts over the next two weeks.

Going on holiday has changed radically over the last few years, particularly with the introduction of the Internet.

You book your flights direct with Easy Jet but then have to send them proof of ID ( some evidence of your Passport). Check in on line and then print out your bording pass. This is always the cue for your printer to start playing up, and mine was no exception. Firstly the new printer cartridges I purchased from ‘Yes Cartridges’ didn’t work and I had to get some new ones. Then when I fitted them in the machine it said one was faulty and when I removed it Red Ink dripped everywhere including my hands and I now look like a character from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Then it was the voucher for the car hire which came to 6 pages, mostly just wasting paper and ink but it had to be done.

Then it got really interesting. I recently renewed my drivers licence and they no longer replace the paper copy. But to rent a car abroad they still ask for it. So, apparently you have to go on line to  ‘Driving Abroad Gov.Uk’ web site where you have to authorise sharing your driving licence information (which is valid for 21 days) by filling in a form which you can print out. This gives all the information about your licence and any convictions etc.

You present this to the car hire company.

“Not a lot of people know that!”

We then got an email from the Villa people reminding me they had sent several emails in the last few days asking for information and I hadn’t responded. Slapped wrist all round.

So, I sent off the flight information they requested and printed out the instructions of how to get to their office. Yet  more paper to carry.

Now it seems were done.

Bags are finally locked and its just a case of going to bed at the right time. Too early and I won’t get to sleep. Too late and ill be knackered when I wake up at 0430 tomorrow.

We’ve got a Taxi picking us up as the parking charges at Bristol Airport are horrendous.

I use an ex Fire fighter whose been driving his own taxi for years. (We used to call him ‘Mehemet” after the Taxi driver in East Enders. Remember ‘Oz Cabs’ in 1986)?

He’s not the cheapest taxi in Bristol but he’s reliable and the last thing you want is for you driver to over sleep on the morning of your flight!

So, the next blog will be written from a balcony with a long drink and a sea breeze.


Cant wait.


2 thoughts on “Spain tomorrow. 31/07/16

  1. Hi Bill
    Long time no speak. I have been following your exploits with interest.

    As always life is busy and we don’t make the time to see friends that we should. Have a great time away and let me know when you’re about back in Brizzol and Jane and I will make an effort to come over for a day visit to catch up and rant about the world and how unfair it all is.

    Bon Voyage mon ami

    Ivor 🙂

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