29th December part two.

Yesterday was a day for doing things.

WE sorted our dirty laundry and took it across the road to Express laundry where they agreed to wash and iron it by 1800hrs on the 30th December for 170 BHT . The Hotel offer a service but you pay per item and it gets expensive. The place we used charges by the Kilo.

We then set about organising a ZIP WIRE Trip for the four of us.

It was a bit complicated as the trip included pick up from your Hotel. Given Georgia and Frazer were in a different Hotel, in a different resort this wouldn’t be easy.

My suggestion was that they booked the trip from their end and us from our’s and we meet up there at an agreed time.

Option B was that we got a taxi, picked them up and went up there and paid at the event.

However, these two ideas were rejected and Jaki took over, she went to reception and booked all of us on the trip and organised the transport arrangements. Boy was she smug.

So the transport would pick George up at 1300hrs and us at 1330 and off we go.

There was an hour delay in the pick up but this is probably some thing you need to build into your plans in Thailand. On the transport up we were speaking to a guy who paid 1500  BHT for the trip where as Jaki had paid 1800 BHT per person. She forgot to haggle.

The trip was fun but not very exciting.

The pick up truck with bench seats took us way up into the mountain where the scenery was beautiful. Lush green and full of Palm Trees. There were huge Water Buffalo grazing and beautifully coloured Chickens running around like little jewels.Butterflies were everywhere.

The truck stopped and we piled out and walked up a little path to a shack where we were fitted into our harnesses and given gloves and helmets that almost fit,

Our team 2

locked our back packs in a cabinet, handed my camera to a lady who would take our pictures and off we were off for some training.

This consisted of standing on a Beer crate, locking on to the Zip wire and then sliding about 20 feet in order to practice the braking system.

Two goes each and we were ready to go.

WE climbed further up the hill and there was a platform nailed to a tree, a very Heath Robinson affair made  of old bits of wood and some more Beer crates. We waited for our turn and then climbed onto the platform, hooked on and once given the all clear, launched ourselves off into the canopy.

Up on the platform

It was over before you knew it and i found myself standing on another platform where we waited till all the group (about 10 people) arrived.

Then some of the instructors, ignoring all the basic safety stuff with their familiarity set off for the next platform where they prepared to catch us as we arrived.

This went on for the whole trip. I think there were 11 slides in all, but it depends which bit of promotional material you read. However, only one was very exciting. It was quite long and steep and took you across a Valley. Most were short little trips that weren’t worth the bother.

At the end we were unharnessed and treated to some food. Banana,    water, some wafer biscuits, oranges and some water.

Finished drinks

Then we were bundled into the pick up and dropped off at our various Hotels.

In summary, it wasn’t very exciting, it wasn’t very well organised and it was a bit expensive but it did make a change and by the time I’ve bigged it up at the pub and chosen one or two pictures to make it look Awesome, it will be a ‘Tale to Tell’.

We went for a drink at the beach bar next door to our Hotel but the service was so slow we left without buying. Were told that the Hotel next door is staffed by people from Burma who work cheaply (so there is a little tension and maybe the service reflects that?

DRinks on the Beach

So, we returned to our Hotel and ordered drinks (well it was happy hour) before setting off to find some food.

Choosing a restaurant just down the street called the Grand Thai House Beach Hotel which often gets confused with the Thai Beach House Hotel, which is where we are staying.

We were all hungry so went for starters as well as mains. My starter,  Sea Food Tempura was a bit of a surprise as it consisted mainly of Vegetables (onion) but there was a nice piece of white Fish, two Prawns and two pieces of Calamari. It was very filling and would have made a main course easily.

For main course i tried a Red Thai curry with Beef which was underwhelming .

The girls had Snapper salad. large pieces of fish fried in a batter or coating and served with a fairly traditional european salad and some rather interesting dressings.

Before long it was time for the Junior Travellers to go, so we walked back to the Taxi rank but they refused a Meter Taxi saying it was too expensive, (450 BHT) opting instead for one of the brightly coloured pick up trucks with bench seats in the back that circle the island continually. It will be interesting to see what the difference in price was?

So that was it. We waved them off on their journey, slightly envious, obviously concerned but happy that they were setting off on such an adventure together. Lets hope it brings them the fun and experiences they crave and that they continue to enjoy each others company.


View to the Sea















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