Rosemarino Cafe. Sunday 30th August 2015

1 York Pl,

Bristol BS8 1AH
0117 973 6677 .

It’s still raining.

Jaki has been off school for about 6 weeks and instead of touring Northern Spain as planned, we’ve been house hunting, chasing after Solicitors and Estate Agents, filling in forms and generally wasting the Summer.

Once we realised there was no chance of taking the camper to Spain we thought we’d spend 3-4 weeks exploring England (I’ve always fancied Norfolk) but the weather has been so bad we just didn’t make it.

In fact, having the camper this year has been a waste of money.

So this morning after getting up early to watch MOTD which I recorded (because last week I tried to watch it on i Player and it wasn’t available till Tuesday morning) we decided to head off and get a Brunch.

We checked on the iPad to see what options there were (even I look at other peoples suggestions) and we  agreed on Mockingbird Cafe, 58 Alma Rd, BS82HS but then noticed on their web site that they were closed all over the bank holiday weekend!

So we went for plan B.

Rosemarino which had a great write up in some of the Blogs .(  recommended ‘Tommies one pan wonder’.

York Place is tucked away in a quiet little part of Clifton and on a Sunday, parking is easy though the rest of the week its a nightmare with resident parking everywhere and what little paid parking there is available, is bloody expensive.

So with the Smart Car we managed to park right out side.

Initially it looked as if they weren’t open but when we got out of the car we could see there were customers already eating, so we went straight in.

The place is split into two with a staircase leading down to a lower floor where most of the noise was coming from. We chose to join the crowd down stairs rather than sit on the ground floor alone.

There are two levels and a windy stair case.

The venue is pleasant, comfortable and though there are several tables for two, they weren’t squashed or cramped.

The guy who showed us down asked if we wanted any water, instead we ordered Tea and Coffee which arrived in a flash.

The Tea was loose leaf and came in a Tea Pot with a built in strainer. It was nice and strong but the second cup was even stronger and I found it a bit too powerful. Guess that’s the problem with good tea Leaves?

Loose leaf Tea became so strong it was undrinkable

We had a goof look at the Menu but i had already made up my mind that i was going to have Tommies one pan wonder, whilst Jaki went for the Scrambled Eggs and Crispy Bacon (Streaky). With hind sight, this was the better choice.

The one pan wonder soon became a one hit wonder, as i don’t think I’d order it again.

One Pan Wonder.

It was basically fried Onions with Melted cheese. Fine after a night on the Cider when you suddenly get a case of the Munchies, but for Breakfast, on an empty stomach. Nah!.

It did have some bits of bacon, some chopped potato and Mushroom and there were two eggs on the top but all you could taste was onion and cheese. There were a couple of slices of toasted Ciabatta but they added very little. A bit disappointing.

If there had been some Bubble and Squeak in the mix or a few slices of Chorizo sausage, then we’d be on a winner.

Jakis fare was far more predictable but a better choice.

A couple of slices of Ciabatta toast, a good portion of Scrambled egg nicely cooked and a generous portion of crispy Bacon. Went down a treat.

Scrambled eggs on toast with Bacon

Unfortunately all the waiting staff were congregated around the Counter on the top floor so when Jaki wanted a second Coffee she had to go upstairs to order as no one was watching the diners down stairs.

In this day and age surely a discreet camera or an old fashioned mirror on the stairs?

That said, the food looked good, the menu looked good and the venue was appealing so we’d definitely try it again only next time, ill not be influenced by others!

Bird Cage Walk

When we stepped outside, it was still raining but we decided to have a bit of an explore and soon found ourselves at the entrance to Bird Cage Walk which is on the site of St Andrews Church.

Stone marking the site of St Andrews Church

The Church itself was bombed by the Luftwaffe on November 24th 1940, and was finally demolished in 1956.


The tombs are still there, some were once very elaborate but are now in a poor condition. The site of the church is marked by an inscribed stone set in the lawn.

Bird Cage Walk


The very base of the walls survive in part. The outline of the medieval church was marked out by hedging to the south. Christ Church became the parish church of Clifton, one of eight churches carved out of the former Clifton parish in the nineteenth century.

At the far end of Birdcage walk we emerged at the junction of Queens Rd and Clifton Road. right opposite the entrance to The Alex Night Club. Well, it used to be the Alex 35 years ago when I was a member (The owner was a cousin of one of my Firefighter buddies so we got free membership) but its called Luna now.

We crossed the road and made our way through Victoria Square , under the arch (W G Grace lived in the house next door ) and wandered up through Clifton Arcade.

This area was still Buzzing, even on a rainy bank holiday Sunday so we whiled away an hour before  wandering back to the car for the journey home.




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