Kingsweston House. 26th August 2015

Kings Weston House,

Kings Weston Ln,

Bristol BS11 0UR

My Sister had heard about this Cafe from a friend, so we decided to give it a try as ‘Something Different”.

We really weren’t sure what to expect.

The last time i came here was for my Nieces wedding back in the spring. The Wedding Service was held in the Great Hall where the Bride and her entourage descended the staircase which is a real Gem.


KIngsweston House used to belong to Avon and Somerset Police who moved out in 1995. i think it was used as a Training centre for Cadets?

The staircase built in 1710 and is one of only two “hanging” staircases left in the world, the other is in St Petersburg. Made of mahogany and oak it seems to balance without any support, rocking slightly like a rope bridge when used. I recall there were very strict rules about the number of Cadets who could be on the stairs at any one time for fear of it collapsing.

I also have a recollection of attending a large fire there when i was a Fire Fighter but i can’t find any record of that on line? Strange.

So we drove into the car park, following the signs for the Cafe and found most of it (the car park) under water as there had recently been heavy rain. Dodging the puddles we made our way into the Cafe which is unlike any other ‘Greasy Spoon’ ive visited.

It immediately smelt of Polish, which i guess emanated from the wooden Tables and Chairs.


A Large fire Place gave the Cafe a very Grand Feel.

Inside Kingsweston Cafe

There were two other customers so we had a choice of seating. Given the size of the room, the stone flooring and the large fire place it was comfortably warm.

The Breakfast Menu is served until 12 mid day and had a reasonable range of items. We chose the Kingsweston Breakfast (£6.50) which is basically the Full English and it didn’t disappoint.

We weren’t sure whether they came to the table to take the order, so we ordered at the counter.

There was a slight delay between ordering and getting our meal but in this case it was worth the wait as it was freshly cooked.

Mean while we drank our teas and coffee and took in the atmosphere whilst we waited.

The Kingsweston Breakfast

It was worth the wait. This is a really nice breakfast though if your really hungry (Builders and Truckers take note) you may need to add some items, though none of us finished our meals completely.

Toast (choice of white or brown) was served on the same plate which im not too keen on as it can get soggy but with the beans in a pot this didn’t happen. Ive recently learned that Beans in a Pot keeps them warm, so no more complaining about that!

The little pack of butter was also served on the plate but this allowed it to soften up so it was fine.

Mushrooms were a Joy, fresh and nicely cooked, not a Pile of grey black mush as is often the case.

The Hash Browns were crisp and dry, not a hint of grease or fat. There was only one egg and mine seemed to have been dropped on top of the breakfast as an after though, so it was all miss shaped but well cooked and tasted fine.

There was a slice of Black Pudding but as im not a connoisseur i can’t vouch for its quality.

This was accompanied by a rather tasty sausage.

The only down side was the bacon, which was a bit ordinary and in places looked a bit anaemic.

There were no news papers, no back ground radio, no ash trays and no noise. This is a very genteel Fat Boys, but at a great Price.

Lets hope the Bulder’s don’t discover this little Gem or they will be there in droves and not to help with the renovations.

Outside of Kingsweston Cafe
The view across Avonmouth

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