Koh Thai Tappas. 21/08/2015

Just a short Blog this one.

We wanted to do something different, so we caught the Bus ( yes, there are still buses) into Bristol Bus Station and walked up past the new Children’s Hospital stopping for a drink at Colstons Yard which is on the site of the old Smiles Brewery.

The after work crowd were in full swing and with the floor to ceiling windows opened, it was a great place to sit till Steve, my mate discovered that his glass had a leak. Well, that was Kathy’s view as a pool of Thatchers Gold dribbled off the table onto her clean white trousers.

We finished the stroll to Clifton Triangle just in time for our booking which was at 1845. This place is so busy we were only allocated a 2 hour slot.

We sat in some comfortable chairs and ordered drinks, a Japanese beer, a Cider and a nice bottle of white wine. Then, when we were ready we were shown to our table.

There is a large range of Thai food on offer and from experience I can tell you it is all good.

They do a kind of ‘set menu’ which allows you to try various dishes and this is what we chose.

There are two levels.

£20 a head gives you a range of Pork and Chicken dishes.

£25 a head allows Prawn and Beef dishes to be included.

We chose, two at £20 and two at £25 so we had a mix.

The waiter also asks what type of dishes you like, including how Hot (spicey) you like your food and then the kitchen decides exactly what to send to your table, so any two sittings may be different. You could ask for specific meals if you want them, but this is far more fun.

We were served a bottle of water and some glasses and then the dishes started to arrive.

There were so many, with lots of variations but all, tasty, hot, well presented and in my humble opinion, reasonably authentic Thai. 

There was enogh food to satisfy all our appetites and enough variation to please meat and veg eaters though one dish was particularly hot and I found I had that one mostly to my self.

The Pad Thai was the only dish that didn’t get completely destroyed. Last time we ate here ( Fathers Day thanks to the Princess) we voted the Pad a Thai our least favourite dish. There’s nothing wrong with it but in this company it just doesn’t compete.

At the end of our meal our bill was about £140 which for a great meal, in a nice environment with 2 bottles of wine and beers, isn’t too bad. Though if you bought this up the Koah San Rd in Bangkok it would cost you a fiver!

We crossed the road and knocked on an anonymous looking wooden door and waited for a response.

Prohibition is a Cocktail Bar that prides itself on being selective. Once you knock, they open a spy hole and if they don’t like the look of you, they don’t open the door. Luckily on this occasion we must have scrubbed up well as they let us in and seated us at a rather dark table with a copy of the Menu and a helpful waiter (looking like one of the Mumfords) who explained very eloquently how each drink was made.

We chose a variety of drinks but my Dry Martini was let down by the glass which looked like it had come out of a wicker picnic hamper and the lack of a lemon twist or an olive. But it tasted fine.

Our designated driver collected her car from its parking space and dropped us home , hours before the youngsters would even dream of going out. But we old ones had a great time.


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