A night out in New Town. 8th August 2015

We have been here about a week now and we’re starting to get a bit Bored.

Marrakech is certainly an interesting holiday venue (and it can be a bit challenging) but you can see and do most of it in a week.

The Souks, which looked so very exotic on our first visit, have become a bit ‘Old Hat’ and the merchandise a bit repetitive.

All the stalls seem to sell the same stuff.

Metalwork, heavy bulky and a bit fragile.
Ceramics, heavy bulky and a bit fragile.
Kaftans, look great but will end up in the back of the wardrobe ready for the next fancy dress party.

Spices. “Oh I can’t wait to get home and make an authentic Moroccan meal” Sound familiar?

Even the food which, in the first few days was exciting and exotic is becoming a bit repetitive.

“Oh no, not another Tajine with couscous”.

So I think a week would be fine. It’s enough time to see what Marrakech has to offer but not long enough to get bored.

There are some day trips but they seem to have a common theme.

Go to a Berber village
See local handicraft being made ( metal work, ceramics)
Buy local handicrafts.
Have a traditional meal (Tajine with couscous)
Tip the guide
Tip the taxi driver
Get back in time for a dinner show. A typical Moroccan meal with Belly dancers. Get the drift?

There’s a trip to a water fall but I understand you have to walk up 600 steps, in the heat.

There’s a trip to the beach.

Theres a trip to a Moroccan fishing village but these require a 3 hour taxi ride each way and the taxi’s, even the best ones, aren’t very comfortable.

They don’t always have working Air-con. You may have to accept an open window, some just don’t close.

Worse still, you may be subject to very loud Moroccan music all the way or Euro-pap, which they love here.

We took a taxi last night from the Grand Taxi rank to the new town.

Marrakech Taxis

It was the Shitiest old Mercedes I’d ever seen and inside it was filthy with oil stained seats, no side window and a death rattle from some where underneath.
You might ask Why we didn’t get out and find another? Because they are all just as bad, if not worse.

We paid 100 dh, (which Jaki thought was far too expensive, so I got the ‘Why didn’t you negotiate’ look) we got dropped off at Place Du 16 Novembre which is central down town Gueliz.

This is where the cool dudes hang

Baseball caps, mobile phones and huge head phones worn as a fashion statement were everywhere and the behaviour of these youngsters can be seen in any City any night.
Flirting and showing off oh, and looking Cool.

Even the scooters here were more modern, more fashionable, though they were no where near MOD standards.

There seemed to be a lot of joy riding going on.

Cars with Cool Guys driving, were cruising up and down trying to attract the attention of groups of young girls though some of the cars left a bit to be desired.

No open topped Mustangs to be seen but lots of ex Mercedes Taxis.

In order to make them stand out the drivers tend to blow their horns, a lot. Not the Dukes of Hazzard type horns with recognised tunes but a honk, honk honk sort of horn, slightly insipid, a bit limp but very annoying.

The best spot to hang out seemed to be outside of ETAMS, though McDonalds had its own devotees, as did KFC.



No alcohol means that Coke is King. These guys wouldn’t be seen dead drinking Mint Tea.

The teenage night appeared to be rounded off with an ice cream!

No ‘Pre Lash’, no slammers, no two for one, no bucket.

Being cool here doesn’t include vomiting in the taxi on the way home though if you did it wouldn’t be discovered for weeks.

We stopped for a drink in the Braserie de Flore which is right on the square. From here you can watch the street life, see the fountains (well if they were working) and walk on marble pavements that are a death trap after the rain.

We ate, for the second time, in Cafe de La Poste which has a reputation for being posh, but we found it good value at 400dh for two, including drinks.


Grande Cafe De La Poste

Two young girls sat next to us. They were chalk and cheese.

Chalk had full Burka and head scarf, no make up and a very shy demeanour. She read text on her cheap Nokia.

Cheese had on a really nice, tight fitting mini skirt and a top that exposed her cleavage. She was made up with thick red, shiny lip gloss and a mass of hair which required constant attention.She used the reverse camera on her apple 6 to look at herself and pose, check her hair and pout a lot.

Their starters came and they both picked at it without any enthusiasm.

Cheese sent her i phone off to be recharged, her appearance obviously took its toll on the battery.

Then a main course came which included a whole load of Prawns attractively displayed on a plate.

Neither girl touched this and Cheese produced another mobile on which she avidly sent more text to unknown admirers.

Finally a pudding arrived which had ice cream on top of it. This melted as they were both too busy to eat.

Through out the meal they didn’t exchange more than two words.

We just asked ourselves why? What was the point.

They were so distant they weren’t in each other’s company even though they were sat together.

When we left they were still there. Their bill would have been 500dh, at least. A weeks wages for the Riad Manager. Yet they wasted it.

Our taxi home cost us 120 dh which Jaki negotiated.

It must have been a longer journey back than it was out?

So another night out in Marrakech, but was it any different to Bristol?

Some one once told me. “We’re all brothers under the skin”.

I’ve come to realise we’re all very much alike on the outside too.


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