Moroccan breakfast

The  Riad were staying in provides a breakfast as part of the package and as there isn’t anywhere else to eat locally, it’s the only option.

It’s served on the pool terrace under a palm tree and a large umbrella as it can get hot even first thing in the morning.

So despite weeks of cutting my sugar intake, thanks mainly to the adverse publicity about the health risks of too much sugar, i devour it daily, by the bucket load.

A typical breakfast consist of :-

Pain Au Chocolate,  sadly served cold.

Slices of cake, similar to a Madeira cake, often a bit dry on the top surface where I guess they have been left hanging around waiting for us to get out of bed.

Some Muffins, again served cold.

Bread, which tends to be a bit on the dry side, by its very nature. It tends to sit in the sun at the Bakery shops.

Some flat pancake ‘s  called Msemen which are traditional Berger fare. These are a bit less sweet and would be great hot with some crispy Bacon.

A large glass of Fresh Orange, which is very sweet. I don’t think they add sugar, it’s just the local oranges are particularly full of sugar.

Mint tea ( which is served very sweet, unless you ask for the sugar not to be added, that way, at least you can take credit for poisoning yourself) or Coffee, though they’re a bit frugal with this and you find yourself asking the waiter for more.

Coffee is sever with a jug of warm milk and that always has a creamy bit floating on the surface. It’s not unpleasant but no matter how hard you stir, it won’t disappear. The Coffee is good though I’m not a big Coffee drinker.

There are two pots of Jam the best one being Fig (which we squabble about each morning) and a pot of really sharp Marmalade. There’s usually a sachet or two of Honey as well.

This morning we had a Fresh Fruit Salad though usually there is a pot of home made Yoghurt, which is really nice, fresh and light.

We asked this morning if we could have Eggs tomorrow and we’re promised an Omlette.

So tips.

Bring your own tea bags if you really need a builders tea to start the day. Carry Sacharines to add to mint tea yourself, that way you can enjoy it without the guilt.

Dont be afraid to ask for alternatives, the people are very friendly and if they can help, they will.

So,  fatter but happy I lie on my sun bed pondering how long it will take to burn off all those calories whilst doing nothing?


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