Arrived on site Wednesday afternoon. Picked up our camper pass from Purple Gate then drove to Green gate where the signs for Steward Camping directed us past the walled garden, where the Glamping punters live in the walled garden.
Once in our camping field we parked next to a nice new Hymer and set up camp.
At 1400 the registration desk opened up and we joined the queue in the heat. It took about 30 minutes to get our ID and our fluorescent jackets with WOMAD SUPERVISOR on the back. How did we get to become supervisors?

We set up camp and took advantage of the warm sunshine by walking up onto the Festival Site to get our bearings. It’s not too far to walk, maybe 25 minutes and the actual Arena isn’t huge though the crowd is estimated at about 30,000 so nowhere never the size of Glasto.

At 1800 we went to the Stewards induction meeting. 3 hours that did little to prepare us for the role. It was an improvement on OXFAM induction but still fell into the trap of repeating some things over and over, some of which was contradictory. For example, half of us went outside to learn how to put people in the recovery position. We were told to give CPR if we felt confident. However, back inside, we were told not to do any First Aid instead, we should call for he from the professionals.

The Fire Safety training was given by a retired Fire Fighter who told us the rest of his on site colleagues were Serving Fire Fighters.

This session took 3 hours, then we had a Supervisors meeting which took us up to almost 2200hrs and as yet we hadn’t been informed what shifts we were working or where. This required another wait in yet another queue.

When we did get our shifts Jaki and I are working the same shifts but at different locations. Our first shift is the 0700 shift on a Thursday morning, so we headed back to the van to pack a bag and set our alarm for the morning.

The caterers had by this time cooked Hot Dogs but we had to pay for them so we decided to eat our own food. We’ve brought home cooked chilli and a chicken curry as well as a stack of BBQ stuff.

Our neighbours from next door joined us for a drink and managed to knock over our brand new Chiminea, purchased in the Pound shop for £1.50 smashing it into 4 pieces. Live fast, die young?

So it was an early night with no alcohol to ensure we were ready for our first shift.

Imagine our horror then this morning when we arrived at the RV Point bright eyed and bushy tailed to be told our sheets had a Typo and our shift was really 2300hrs tonight till 0700 tomorrow morning!

So we’ve spent the day loitering around. We walked up to the site but there was nothing going on and the first planned entertainment is 1700 tonight, though we won’t be able to stay late or have a drink as well have to be ready for a night shift.

So far our WOMAD experience is a bit low key. Let’s see how we feel tomorrow after we’ve got the night shift under our belts.


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