End of the Road. 15th June 2014

Short of anything interesting or amusing happening on the Ferry crossing or the journey up the M5 from Plymouth to Bristol, this will be the last Blog of the Journey.

I may well find it necessary to summarise things or, as is often the case, some thing unexpected turns up like a Speeding ticket (though with my Hymer thats very unlikely) in which case I might need to vent my Splee again.

Who would have thought at the start that I would produce over 200 Blogs and people All over the world would read them?

So I think I need to say a few thank you’s.

Can I thank everyone we’ve met on this incredible journey.

Our new friends, Davey and Kay, John and Jill, thanks for the company, look forward to seeing you again some time soon.

To Pete and Anita for meeting us in Newcastle, Australia and for being so kind.

The Tories, the Twats and the Tourist who have entertained, annoyed and frustrated me throughout. With out you this blog would have been very dull and I wouldn’t have missed a second of it.

The Spanish people who enchanted and frustrated me in equal measure, I love you and your Country and as Arnie said. “I’ll be back”.

The Dogs whose barking has been the back drop to the whole three months, you are now safe till next year.

The Brown Lab who spoilt my World Cup experience, get a bath.

To Leigh Redman for constantly giving me feed back and encouragement to keep on Blogging.

To all those who read the blog but couldn’t be ass’d to comment and to those who didn’t read it. Your loss!

To Alex, for keeping me amused with his Tweets but no more Tit and Bum stuff please and definitely no more F1.

To Georgia for taking off to Australia. If she hadn’t gone, we wouldn’t have been able to travel. You’ve made me proud and broken my heart in equal measure. Miss you.

To Kevin Herniman who provided the Campervan spice box without which our diet would have been very dull.

To John Magg’s for keeping me up to date with Fire Fighters Pension dispute and Bristol City FC.

To my sister Maria for saying she missed me. No one has ever said that before.

To the Camper Van for carrying us over 7000kilometres over treacherous roads without complaint or failure.

To ACSI for saving us a fortune.

To all those friends who travelled out to join us for long weekends, that was special.

To the bastard who hacked my bank account and stole my money, may you die a terrible death, preferably whilst watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing”.

To Lloyd’s bank who made making the fraud claim such an ordeal.

There are many more thank you’s I’m sure, from Australia which cost me three times our allotted budget to Thailand where I fell in love. I wish I could name you all.

But most importantly, to Jaki for allowing me to Live the dream. For putting up with the smelly socks, the wind and the ranting whilst confined in a shoe box. How you put up with it I’ll never know.

So a new life starts tomorrow. New opportunities and adventures. I already have so many ideas and plans, life won’t be boring that’s for sure.

Will we regret our decision. Will we regret the lost wages?

Perhaps, but in September last year I woke up for the first time in my working life and didn’t want to go to work. When that happens you know it’s time for a change

Next week it’s Glastonbury Festival, then WOMAD and then Tolpuddle, so plenty of summer still to come.

Nothing can stop us now!

“People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.”

― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird


3 thoughts on “End of the Road. 15th June 2014

  1. Thank you for allowing me to share your trip, I have laughed & (nearly) cried with you many times. You have given me so much to think about, I am so tempted to go traveling, sod the inheritance 🙂 thank you Bill & of coarse Jaki

  2. Well, I’ve read the end and now just need to find the beginning of the Australia trip! I’ve also read the Spanish bit but I hadn’t realised your prowess at writing. Always knew you had that dry wit that made me giggle but to transfer that to the page – brilliant. I think you’ve found your new career Bill. Lots of love to Jaki

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