Camping Du Poulquer. Benodet. France 11th June 2014

We got another 300+ Kilometres under our belts but I was starting to fade so we abandoned our plan of reaching St Pol-de-Leon and instead headed for Benodet.

When we got into the village the Sat-Nav indicated the site was a few yards further on and seeing a sign for a campsite we pulled in to find the reception closed. We decided to go down to the Sea front which we could see wasn’t very far away and as we did we realised the Sat-Nav still wanted us to carry on another 50 metres.

We then spotted another site on our left and it was this one we had chosen from the ACSI book.

We checked in and were allocated a really nice, big plot within easy reach of all the facilities yet it was quiet and secluded enough to feel comfortable and with the ACSI Discount it was €16 including electricity and free wifi.

It was extremely hot despite the forecasts of rain and cloud we had been given by various on line weather stations, so we headed for the outdoor pool which we shared with one other couple for most of the afternoon.

Later families started to turn up but by then we were ready to leave.

We took a walk down to the front and followed a footpath along the coast, admiring the views out across the Atlantic and the beautiful houses set back from the road which had this fantastic vista from their balconies and windows.

We did a spot of ‘Rock pooling’ before heading off to find a glass of wine though the only place we passed was a restaurant with no customers, so we hoped the site bar might be open. Sadly it wasn’t.

So, back at the van we opened a cold French white wine from the fridge and both agreed it was horrible. We then opened a French red which Jaki liked and I didn’t but then I found a bottle of Spanish red which suited me fine.

Later we cooked steak on the BBQ , tinned dauphinoise potatoes in cream ( is that the right spelling, sorry) and tinned green beans. It was delicious.

On our way to the washing up point loaded with pots and pans we heard some music coming from a camper and stopped to listen. The English couple invited us to have a drink with them and we spent a great hour chatting. They were both retired bank managers, her HSBO, him LLoyds/TSB, though they assured us they were ‘Old School’ and got out before Banking became so toxic.

This morning when we woke up at 10am to a lovely sunny day so we rushed down to reception and booked another night, and I’m glad we did.

We set out on the bikes and followed the road to the right this time, past the Beach and on to the Harbour before picking up a cycle path that followed the estuary in land. The Harbour was full of boats and Mullet that left a jet stream of sandy water behind them as they swam up from the bottom. They were everywhere.

A local Lady who was fishing said they weren’t good to eat so I guess they are left alone, which might explain their numbers and size.

This is an extremely pretty area though perhaps not the best we’ve seen as it’s a bit modern, slightly clinical with plenty of holiday accommodation. But the other side of the estuary looks like the best of Devon or Dorset, there’s just a lot more of it.

It’s well worth a visit.

On the way back Jaki found a ‘Fixer Upper’ for about €150,000 in an Estate Agents Window and started dreaming about how I could live here whilst the renovations took place and she would come out to visit during school holidays?

We stopped at the Beach for a swim and the water was extremely bracing. This is not the ‘Med’ by any stretch though we ended up going in three or four times. It got easier each time.

Whilst we were there the Local Lifeboat crew put to sea in what we think was a training exercise involving a helicopter which lowered a crew member into the sea to collect something which they then had to place on the lifeboat deck. They did this maybe ten times and it was rather scary to see how low the chopper was to the water. Big boys toys?

i would love to be winched down on one of those lines.

Getting a bit hot and sun burnt we went back to the van and cooked a tin of Castelane stew , local sausage stew with Pork fat, though I added a few dried chillies for ‘Flavor’ which took Jaki by surprise when it hit her mouth a Ulcer!

Now were Chilling.

This evening the first match of the World Cup is being shown in the bar and though I suspect there are very few Brazilians here, they are expecting a crowd.

I’m rather looking forward to it even though it takes me one step closer to going home.

Some thing I really dread.


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