Chez Gendron.Monday 9th June 2014
N45°18’52” – W0°36’10”

We drove up through France sticking to the Toll roads primarily for speed but also in the hope that the road surfaces would be better and they would do no more damage. The bike rack was by now held up by wire I’d bought to make my plastic bottle wind mills( see my You Tube site to experience them in all their glory).

We hadn’t banked on the number of charges (4 in total) and for some reason in France the Camper is a class 2 vehicle so is charged more than a car, unlike Spain where the charge was the same.

We had spent a long time before leaving looking to find a suitable venue.

Jaki was very keen to visit the Arcachon Basin and had selected a site there but we still have a 1000 Kilometres till Roscoff and Arcachon just wasn’t a long enough journey.

Were averaging about 80 KPH on the Motorways so three hours would give us about 250K, or just over 100 miles. So we looked for a site that was close to the main road (we didn’t want to add 60K by going off to the coast) and was about 3 hours drive.

We came up with Chez Gendron from the ACSI book, and in glad we did.bits advertised as a bit ‘Rustic’ but I really like it.

It’s tucked away in amongst miles of vineyards and was once a wine estate. It’s 6 acres in total but only has 50 pitches so there’s lots of countryside to explore.

When we arrived there was no one at reception but a note said find a pitch, set up and see us later, which we did.

It was extremely hot setting up so we were pleased to discover a small swimming pool just behind our pitch and we hurried up there to cool off. We spent a very pleasant afternoon there, listening to the silence broken only by occasional chatter of guests or the sound of The wild birds or the ducks and chickens that roam freely around the site.

Late afternoon the bar opened and the small flagstone terrace became very popular as guests ordered carafes of local wine.

Jaki and I joined an English couple who had spent the afternoon playing Boule and we soon learned they were in their late seventies and had up until this year been traveling in a Campervan ( they called it a Motorhome) but had this year swapped that for a caravan which they have put on this site permanently. They seem to love it here and knew the owners fairly well.

After a few drinks we, like most of the people on the Terrace moved in doors and ordered a meal, which was just as well because it started to rain just at this time and as there was an Amber Storm Warning in place a storm was expected.

We weren’t disappointed. We sat eating our meal (steak for me, Fish for Jaki, though both came with salad and cooked veg on the same plate but no sauce) watching the rain batter the now deserted pool whilst massive thunderclaps drove the ponies in the field next door into a frenzy.

We tried a Caraf of the local wine which tasted much better with food than it did on it’s own before making a dash for the van.

Once back it was extremely hot and humid so we opened the windows and sat reading whilst the rain fell on the roof and the trees around us. It was still light at about 10 pm but we must have fallen asleep as I woke in pitch darkness feeling very cold. I was too tired to close all the windows so just pulled a blanket over myself and snuggled down.

This morning it’s stopped raining though there is a blanket of cloud and no sign of the sun.

We need to decide wether to stay another night (there wouldn’t be any doubt if the weather was nice as this is a great place with lots of great cycling) or move on and get another 300K under our belts.

The down side is that the weather will presumably be worse the further north we go so with 5 days till we catch the ferry well probably not have anymore Sun.

Do I really want to go home?



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