Leaving Calpe.6th June

Last night we indulged ourselves in the live entertainment provided free at the Bar and restaurant.

There was an English guy singing along to recorded backing tracks from the 50 & 60’s and to be fair, he wasn’t half bad. He had a few people out of their seats and up dancing, though for safety reasons this was only allowed if you had both your Hip’s.

I’m told they had a very good jitterbug session with mobility scooters and a Gentleman’s excuse me with Zimmer’s before we arrived so the place was a bit sweaty.

We were joined by Barbara and Colin some friends from Wigan who we met on site and spent the evening chatting about kids, music and traveling.

The next morning I felt like I had a hangover even though I’d only had a beer and a Pernod which is always helpful when you have to make up camp but by 12 mid day we had paid up and were ready to leave.

I spent the last few minutes on Twitter with ‘Young James’ my nephew who is handling the negotiations with Glastonbury Festival office over the change of Camper site (sending back our West pass and exchanging it for an East). Well he is a trainee solicitor so I’m in good hands.

We decided to head for Zaragoza which looked to be more than half way toward the north coast of Spain and the border with France but there was a lack of camp sites. The one in Zaragoza itself ‘camping Ciudad de Zaragoza (Caravan club book page 216) didn’t sound inviting.

“Possibly unclean low season and possible itinerants , unattractive”. Is the way it’s described in the book. We decided to give that a miss.

We decided to head for Camping Bardenas at Villafranca (page 461 ACSI book, site 2372) which is a new campsite with excellent facilities.

It was much further to travel as it was north of Zaragoza and in total we traveled about 700Kilometres.

We stopped for lunch in a funny little place just north of Teruel on the A23 where we filled up with fuel. We parked on the garage forecourt well away from the pumps with a view out across the fields to the hills almost obscured by black rain clouds which were clearly heading our way.

Whilst we sat and ate our pre made picnic lunch the wind started to buffet the van and swirls of dust chased across the concrete canopy. When the rain hit the noise was horrendous and the inside of the van grew very dark. It was shaking from side to side now with the force of the wind.

And just as suddenly, it stopped. When we looked out of the window we saw the wind had driven hundreds of plastic bottles against the hedge where they came to rest. Tons and tons of litter!

We got to Camping Bardenas at about 8.30 on the evening. It looked like a nice site with reception, bar, shop and restaurant all at the front, a pool which as yet had no water, behind and a toilet block that was indeed new. It also has a full Gymnasium on top of the toilet block which would be a useful addition to our 30 day Abb’s challenge. Were currently on day 7 .

However the overwhelming first impression was the smell of Pig Farming. It took me back to my days in Glastonbury when I stayed with Denise and Tom on their pig farm. Happy days.

I worked for a firm called ‘Skin Flair’ who made trendy sheepskin and leather clothes and my claim to fame (well one of them) was the outfit Roger Daltry of the WHO wore at Woodstock Festival was a Skin Flair item.

We connected up the electricity and went to the bar for a drink and to use the free wifi.

Jaki caught up on Facebook and I watched Bull Fighting on TV which had an audience of 6/8 Spanish guys who cheered the Matador but wailed when the Bull gored him badly and he was carted off to hospital with leg injuries.

Jaki was clearly on the side of the Bull.

Back at the van we rustled up a sausage stew with bits and pieces left in the fridge and substituted Lentils for Beans but it was still tasted very good eaten as it was with the door open watching yet another thunder and lightning storm as it raged over head.

The night was spoilt though when Jaki and I argued about who snored the most. She was adamant that I made more noise than she did but she sadly fell at the first hurdle as she started ‘Hunting fo Truffels’ snoring as soon as her head hit the pillow.

However before that, I opened an overhead locker, the contents fell out and knocked Jaki’s glass of red wine over. It would appear I either did this deliberately or I’m so stupid I don’t know how to open a cupboard properly!

No mention of filling the locker with inappropriate stuff that should really have been stored else where?

The final insult came when we got in bed and realised we had chosen a pitch right next to the communal BBQ area which is covered against the rain and has wooden tables and benches for about 30 people. The Spanish guests use this facility and the noise of voices laughing arguing and shouting at the children only stopped when the lights were switched off at 12 midnight

This morning though the sun is shining, I’ve had a nice cup of Tea and A trip to the new shower facilities that were a bit disappointing.

The cleaning regime needs a rethink as there were a lot of long established cobwebs about the place, the floor was dirty and the toilet seat in the cubicle I used had been sprayed by a small boy. The seating arrangements were far too intimate for my liking and the tap on one sink basin didn’t work.
The showers are press button type but they have a 3 second timer so the water was constantly shut off.

There were also several ceiling tiles missing which seems crazy in a new build.


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