Calpe. 4th June 2014

Today was the last day well be able to sit on a beach in Spain.

Tomorrow we head North toward Zaragoza and then toward Biarritz

We’ve had a great time in Spain, it far exceeded my expectations. We’ve had some fun, made some friends and enjoyed an adventure.

Now our conversations are more and more about ‘when we get home’.

Fortunately we have Glastonbury Festival to look forward to and we hope to be working at WOMAD a bit later on plus the whole of the Summer, though what that will be like remains to be seen.

I’m looking forward to getting out in the garden and getting some decking down, catching up with my Sister and I hope to see Alex at least to give him the Tobacco I purchased in Andorra though I think we may have a bit of a Star War’s theme coming on with us going to see the new film.

Once the Summers over, Jaki will be back to work and I’ll have to become a House Husband.

Were hoping Georgia will be home in December and we can have a Family Christmas with all the traditional festivities, but who knows with the kid, she’s got the travel bug and it will be harder for her to come home than it will for us.

But for now I’m enjoying the evening sun after an afternoon on the beach soaking up those last few moments.

The camp site has been buzzing today. There was a large Rat roaming about last night which has caused a bit of a stir. During the night though it managed to get on top of a neighbouring van and the lady woke to find it hanging on the insect netting of her skylight.she promptly gave it a wack with a shoe and it flew off but the thought of a Rat dropping through your skylight has certainly livened up the environment.

Yesterday was the hottest day since we’ve been in Spain and last night when we went to bed we left all the roof vents open as well as the windows so it couldn’t have been a worse night for a a Rat to be on the prowl. The insect netting may keep out a hungry Mozzie but is no match for a 5lb rat.

We visited a Belgian Restaurant last night which was recommended by people on the site. They offer 4/5 different set menu combinations at various prices and the menu is quite a change from the standard fare. When we got there it was very busy and we had been warned the service was slow, even by Spanish standards.

Unfortunately the place was quite dark and enclosed, they had no Air conditioning, no fans and only a few outside tables that were in effect in the road. It was extremely hot in there and the smell of cooking Fish combined to make me feel a bit nauseous and I had to keep going outside for some air, which was a shame as the food was really good and they had one or two really nice Belgian beers behind the bar.

There was a large group of ex pats seated behind me who prayed together before eating but then went on to be quite rude to one of the guys trying to sell a few fake watches. Not very Christian.

They were also guilty of a bit of Gluttony and as Jaki pointed out, you could see who was first in the queue for communion wine!

One lady obviously fancied herself as a bit of a dolly bird. The sort who would expect you to knock 20 years off her age. She wore a fancy frock, lots of jewellery, plenty of make up and a supercilious grin the whole evening. God she was a pain.

As we were entitled to a free bottle of wine with our meal, Jaki saw it as her Duty to finish the lot off as I couldn’t get a drop down me. I was however gagging for some water and bought a bottle which I drank on our way home. Back at the van I polished off a litre of Lemonade and realised that I probably hadn’t drunk enough throughout the day (spent entirely on a Sun Bed at the pool) and I think I was suffering from dehydration.

Not something I’ll experience when I get home.


2 thoughts on “Calpe. 4th June 2014

  1. Be good to catch up if you are in Bristol 22 – 27 June I am there for the AGM
    Jane is coming down for Thursday and Friday, so maybe if you are there and free we could meet up for a meal in the evening?
    Just to put some perspective on the idea of Glastonbury. It was announced today ion the press that it will be alcohol free this year ;-(
    There is always Tolly

    1. Hi Ivor, story in press is a Spoof, trust me I’m a Nurse. I’m off to Glasto on Wednesday 25th so if your around from from Sunday 22nd we should have plenty of time to catch up. I suspect Jane is coming Thursday 26th in which case we’ll be up to our Necks in muck and music.

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