Calpe.2nd June 2014

We’ve booked ourselves into Camping Calpe- Mar which appears to be a really nice site, well laid out with serviced pitches. There are three different size pitches available, the smallest, which we chose, at €30 is expensive but the facilities are good and it’s 5 minutes walk to the Town and about 7-8 minutes to the beach.

We set up camp and decided to make use of the facilities so we went to the restaurant for lunch before spending the afternoon by the pool.

The Restaurant is more a snack bar with facilities to heat food but not to cook anything fresh. We were given two menu’s, the first listed the sandwiches, burgers and salads that are familiar fare in any establishment in Spain. The second was the Specials Menu which listed 5 different types of Pizza ( again Pizza seems to be a staple of every bar and restaurant we’ve been in) and Lasagna and spaghetti bolognasi. We chose Spag Bol only to be told it was “Off”.

So we went for Lasagna.

Whilst waiting we ordered two small beers but Jaki’s had grey snot floating around in it so had to go back.

When our food arrived it had clearly been microwaved and the white sauce topping which we expected to be a golden brown looked more like wall paper paste. As we were hungry we just tucked in but sadly the inside was cold and they both had to go back again. When they were eventually returned the pasta strips had been so well nuked they were in edible.

So we decided to use the bar wifi. We had payed for 10 hours of WiFi at reception but couldn’t get any signal from our plot. The guy had told us it might be fickle but said there was a good signal in the bar/pool area. Sadly this didn’t work either and the only signal strong enough to send a tweet was found out side the laundry.

Whilst I was standing there trying for a signal the reception guy approached and suggested I sit in the restaurant as it would be more comfortable. He seemed put out when I told him the wifi didn’t work there either.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon lazing around the pool which was a bit cool but refreshing after the hot sun.

We were joined by a German couple who took the two Sun Beds to our left. They spread their towels on the rigid plastic beds in preparation.

The sun beds are rather poorly designed with the top legs slightly to close to the middle of the bed. This creates a “Fulcrum Effect” . Too much weight on the top of the bed makes them tip.

To our amazement the German Lady lowered herself onto the bed. There was a slight pause before the bottom of the bed, her legs and feet, started to rise whilst her head and neck sank ever lower. At a critical point, in slow motion and ironically silently, she slid head first off the lounger and into the shrubbery where the soles of her feet were all that could be seen.

Jaki and I were hysterical at this point, which did nothing for Anglo German relations.

That evening we walked across to the Sea Front to explore.

We ended up in the town where we stopped for a drink at a road side bar called El Bottela where two glasses of white wine cost €2.40.

We sat there till the sun disappeared and then went back to the beach where we sat in El Exotica for a jug of Sangria before moving on to an authentic Indian (Punjabi) restaurant where we finished the night.

Walking home slightly pissed, full of curry we were relieved to discover it was such a short walk back to the van and our beds.

This morning (3rd June) I topped up the fresh water and found the tap connection was yet again a different size (smaller) and the new watering can we’d bought for this occasion was too tall to go under the tap so yet another Heath Robinson connection was needed.

The two electricity supply sockets were both ‘Reverse Polarity’ and as the cable plugged directly into the outlet ( no two pin socket required) there was no way to address this so we are living with it currently despite what the Caravan Club tell you.


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