Leaving Javea. 2nd June 2014

After another night of barking dogs we’ve decided to leave Javea even though we’ve only got a few more days left in Spain.

The site is fine if like many, you want to sit outside your van and read, use the pool and Restaurant or if you’ve got a car or a scooter. But if, like us, you have to walk or cycle, it can be a pain.

There are three main areas of Javea.

Old Town, up on the hill so you have a steep walk up which took us about 25 minutes though I am a bit slow on the walking. We did cycle yesterday but Jaki was stretched to the limit when we got yo the top of the town.

Then there’s the Port area with a shingle beach and a few restaurants but no real beach bars to speak of. That is probably a 20-30 minute walk through a rather dull landscape and a lot of waste land which is unlit and littered with Dog Mess. When we did it we walked in the road rather than on the pavement to avoid stepping in any unseen Pooh.

Finally there’s the Beach which would take about 40-45 minutes for us to walk or about 20 minutes by bike.

This is probably the best bit so on balance the other camp site would have been better as it’s nearer the beach.

Javea won’t be my favourite place, though I’m sure others will disagree but we’ve seen it, we’ve tried it and now were off to Altea.


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