Javea.1st June 2014

We’ve been here a few days now but will have to leave to start the journey north on about the 4th June to ensure we get to Roscoff for the a ferry crossing on the morning of the 15th.

The site were on, Camping Javea is a pretty nice site with good facilities and some of the cleanest shower and toilet blocks we’ve come across.

However, since we’ve been here we’ve been plagued by noise.

There is the ever present Barking of Dogs which includes the German Shepherds on the farm next door. The last two nights they appear to have been let out during the night. Presumably if there are foxes or something threatening the chickens, the old Farmer opens the door and sends the dogs out to frighten them off. This involves a lot of barking.

Then we have the little city of shanty town.

In the middle of the site there is a block of pitches dedicated to long stay campers. The premise seems to be, you buy a caravan, put it on site, get a selection of sheds, garages or out buildings and put them on your plot. Cover the whole thing with canvass to keep out the sun, erect a fence to keep out other campers and then grow something up and over the whole lot for camouflage. In amongst this live a pack of mysterious dogs who are never seen but can be heard Yapping to accompanying soothing noises from besotted owners.

The impact of this is to create an area not dissimilar to Soweto.

Why anyone would want to come to Spain and spend all their time in one of these places is beyond me but they do and it’s not just a Spanish thing, Some are owned by Brits.

Then we have the builders.

They are supposed to be relaying the Tarmac on all the drives. So far this has involved a little bloke with a squeaky voice driving around the site in a JCB ( at this point farm dogs have just started up, it must be 0807) .

He seems to have child care issues as he always leaves at 1500 so all meaningful work stops at that point.

Then there’s the Roller and Tamping machines. This one guy drags these to strategic points on the site and gives a particular hill or divot a good seeing to. This usually takes place at the crack of Dawn. He wears no ear protection, no safety glasses and flip flops. This is I believe the sort of working environment we want to create in the UK, free from the Red tape of H&S which clearly holds business back and does nothing for productivity.

These boys know a thing or two about productivity!

The working arrangements of these builders is to be admired. Not only are they free from any safety requirements, they also drink beer instead of Tea.

We took breakfast in the site restaurant Friday morning and there were 3 builders with picks and shovels trying to remove 4 huge concrete post set in the ground to stop vehicles entering a roadway.

We watched their labours for and hour but when they were unsuccessful in removing a single bollard they had a brainwave. Enter Squeaky and the JCB which ripped theses bad boys out of the ground in seconds.

Although this didn’t take long they had to have a 20 minute discussion before and after and all this time the JCB Diesel engine was left running.

Sadly all of this took place within two metres of the breakfast terrace where we were trying to tackle our first fat boys breakfast in months.

Then the builders all sat down and had a few beer before continuing with their work, which now involved digging a trench, laying some pipe work and back filling with concrete made in a mixer which they positioned right next to the sun terrace of the swimming pool.

Luckily Jaki and I had by now chosen a sun bed as close to the work as possible so we could keep an eye on progress, check the noise levels were maintained and inhale the dust which set quite quickly when mixed with pool water.

The lads did switch off the mixer whilst they had lunch, which appeared to involve a few more Beers then set to it again afterward only stopping for another Beer at about 1800 just before they drove home. Though technically no work took place after squeaky left at 3pm, they still ran the mixer till five with a few bricks in the barrel to get it nice and clean.

There has been no whiff of Tarmac and it’s now Bank Holiday week end so I suspect they won’t start again until Monday or Tuesday when the tamping down will have to restart as camper-vans have been driving over it for a week.

Judging by the way they work I would expect the Tarmac to be down, done and dusted by end of September ready for the winter.

One final rant.

Last night we used the Restaurant on site, Pizza for me, Pasta for Jaki ( not a great selection but it’s cheap and we had been cooped up in the van all day due to the weather which was damp and overcast). There were three other couples, all British, eating in the restaurant. Why then did the waiter switch on a flat screen TV showing a Spanish Quiz show (they have some awful quiz shows here, probably as bad if not worse than at home) when no one spoke Spanish?

Which part of their Business plan includes: Attract more customers by installing a 50 inch flat screen TV on which we can show Spanish Quiz Shows to English tourists. Cost with labour, licences, electricity etc €2000.

If your gonna put a Telly on, why not show English content.

Though in reality most people on this site are of a certain age, have satellite TV in their vans and wouldn’t go out and spend an extra €20 just for the benefit of watching TV in a Foreign Tongue.

Spend the money on better food or a promotional campaign to attract more customers!

That’s better.


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