Camping Javea. 27/28/29 May

After traveling another 300 kilometres South we arrived in Javea and found the first of two Campsites.

El Naranjal is tucked away down a narrow road but is close to the beach ( they say 500 metres) and local shops and Restaurants. The pitches were rather small and at the time of our visit they were putting up netting to offer some shade which restricted which pitches were available. However, it was the lack of a pool that led us to decide not to stay.

Our next port of call was Camping Javea, which has a really nice pool, bar and restaurant and a much more open feel about it bordered as it is by farm land full of Oranges (which they aren’t even picking) and Olive a Groves.

We were advised not to choose one of the pitches in the top left hand part of the site as they were relaying the roads and there could be some noise. We chose a pitch as far away from the disruption as possible.

It wasn’t long before our peace was shattered by the barking of rather large dogs.

There are two adjoining farms in front of us and both have German Shepherds that run freely in the orchards, separated from us by a wire fence

These two dogs compete with each other to be the Noisiest in Spain. They are let out at exactly 0730 every morning and roam the grounds until 2200 at night when they are presumably locked away.

However, their noise has paled into insignificance in comparison with the road rollers, tamping machines and tractors being used to prepare the ‘Whole Site’ for Tarmac. These Spanish Paddies begin at 0830 in their effort to beat and squash the gravel into place. This is apparently their low season and up until this week the site has been fully booked which explains their timing.

To add insult to injury, they’ve got a bleeding Radio playing full volume which you can only hear when the machinery stops.

It doesn’t seem unreasonable to me that we should have been warned about the disruption across the ‘Whole of the Site’ before we set up Camp.

So today at least we can escape to the beach as the sun is out and the forecast is for a dry day, unlike yesterday when we had several periods of torrential rain, one of which caught us out on our bikes.

We had been out exploring the beach area which seems to have a pebble beach and harbour in the North and a Sand Beach in the South, separated by a rocky coast where rock pooling is the preferred activity.

We cycled to the Southern end and sat on the beach. It was a little cloudy but very hot. All around us the voices were English. There is a great selection of restaurants including a a Thai and as it’s all concentrated into a small area it felt lively and interesting.

After a while there were a few spots of rain so we cycled up the coast using the cycle path provided to the Port at the other end. This had a very different feel.

It is obviously a commercial port and there is a big fish market which I guess is busy just after the boats dock. There’s a sailing club and again a concentration of bars and restaurants all crowded with people. This end of the beach also backs onto the old town with it’s abundance of shops, restaurants and we think 5 big supermarkets.

At this point it started to rain so we went inside a bar ( think this is the first bar we’ve actually been inside as opposed to sitting outside) to let the rain pass over.

We ordered a Litre of Sangria and sat watching the rain through the windows whilst listened to the music on their sound system which wasn’t too bad. When the rain stopped and before we could order another litre of vino we made a run for the camp.

Once back, the rain started again and we spent a rather cramped afternoon sat in the van, though we did go for a swim in the rain, which was fun.

We have signed up to the 30 Day Abb challenge so the swimming will help us get in shape though doing sit ups on a gravel pitch isn’t the most conducive way of getting fit.

(At this point the man with the Roller is trying to get inside the van).

The Weather Forecast isn’t as good as it looked before we headed south with the bad weather predicted to hit the whole of Spain and France tomorrow,there will be no escape. It apparently gets much better on the 2nd of June but we will have to start heading north round about then.

So, on balance, we may not have made the right choice coming this far South and staying in Peniscola may have been the best option as the weather there is about the same. We would have saved a 600 Kilometre drive and we wouldn’t have a road digger working outside the van.

Still, at least It drowns out the noise of the Dogs.

Thank you Camping Javea.


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