Peniscola revisited.

Eating Tapas
Eating Tapas


Jaki taking charge
Jaki taking charge
Even the staff joined in.
Even the staff joined in.
The fun was spreading
The fun was spreading
Drinking with new friends
Drinking with new friends

We picked up with a couple from Scotland, Davey and Kay.

Davey was led under his camper making some emergency repairs to the exhaust when we walked by. We asked if we could help but he said the flange connecting two lengths of pipe had sheared off and as a result the exhaust pipe was in need of some attention.

We told them where they could find Auto Eduardo, the Garage that had come to our rescue a few weeks ago.

Davey was wearing an old faded Strathclyde Fire and a Rescue T shirt and when I enquired he advised he’d retired from the Brigade in 2010. So when they joined us at the pool we agreed to show them the old Town later that evening.

We cycled along the prom to the foot of the hill, chained up the bikes and made the climb up to the Old Fort where I pointed out the ‘Masonic Symbols’ over the main gate.

Davey had joined the Masons himself as a way of ‘getting on in the Brigade’ which was fairly common some years ago and it may still be the same now?

We wandered around for a while before randomly choosing a Bar for a glass of Sangria.

We sought out the Tex Mex where we had drunk the exceedingly good cocktails on our last visit and we were soon polishing off 3 Martini’s and a Margarita . Further up the hill, one of the restaurants seemed to be more lively than any of the others so we went up there, found a table and added our now rather more raucous conversation to the mix.

We ordered some food which consisted of a large Wooden board loaded with meat and cheese and a rather good bottle of house red, which we replaced several times over the next couple of hours.

On the table next to us slightly down hill there was a group of about 8 Germans who were clearly having fun and on the other side, just up the hill a couple from Holland who spoke really good English and were desperate to join in.

We had a rather good evening which finished with free shots of some thing green and rather Fiery which we consumed on behalf of our respective nations like it were an Olympic sport.

By the time we said our goodbyes it was dark and it was more by luck than judgement we found our way back through the labyrinth of narrow streets to our bikes. We cycled merrily though a little wobbly back along the cycle path to the camp in almost total darkness.

When we got back, Jaki collapsed into her bed proclaiming ‘ I don’t feel well’ and that was the last I heard from her till this morning when she said ‘ Where’s my Tea’ as if there hadn’t be any time in between.

It had rained during the night but this morning the sun was out and apart from a slight breeze it was promising to be a nice day.

I made boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast which Jaki took sat up in bed. Unfortunately she wanted her eggs ‘Soft Boiled’ and moaned when the first one was too runny. Further cooking resulted in them being too hard.

You can’t please some people!

Soon after Davey reported they had taken the van to Eduardo’s and he had welded the joint up and charged a mere €40 so they were now road worthy.

Whilst sharing a cup of tea we were discussing our trip and conversation got round to people we’d met on our respective travels.

I told them we’d met a couple called ‘Janet and John’ who was a boring bastard.

They said. “That’s a coincidence because we met a Janet and John last year, he was a Policeman”.

“The one we met was in the Police, but only for 12 months”?

It would appear we had all spent an evening in the company of Self important John, the Hatchet Man. They didn’t like him either.

The rest of the day was spent rather lazily reading, catching up on the I Pad and listening to the radio. Tomorrow we agreed we would continue our quest to find better weather and head South.



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